Electromagnetic Ejection Has Obvious Advantages

- Nov 13, 2018-

Electromagnetic ejection has obvious advantages

A Chinese military expert familiar with naval equipment told the Global Times reporter on the 9th that the current aircraft carrier aircraft mainly adopts two methods: skid takeoff and catapult takeoff. For carrier-based aircraft using conventional take-off and landing technology, the advantage of ejection is obvious, which is a development trend of large-deck aircraft carriers. The ejection takeoff is also divided into steam ejection and electromagnetic ejection. Compared with the steam ejector currently used by the US military, the advantages of electromagnetic ejection are obvious.

According to experts, the electromagnetic catapult can be regarded as an oversized electromagnetic railgun. It has the advantages of small size, low requirements on the ship's auxiliary system, high efficiency, light weight, low operating and maintenance costs. First, it takes up less space in the aircraft carrier. Electromagnetic catapults do not require large steam boilers like steam catapults and complex pressure control pipes, valves, etc., which are much smaller in volume and weight than steam catapults. Second, the electromagnetic ejector is uniformly controllable relative to the steam ejector. Third, because there are not a lot of high-pressure, high-heat, water-tight and airtight components like steam catapults, the maintenance and repair of electromagnetic catapults is much simpler. In addition, the energy conversion efficiency of electromagnetic ejection is higher than that of steam ejection, and there is less demand for fresh water.

China has the conditions to develop electromagnetic catapults

Experts said that at present, the news of the success of the first bomb of the electromagnetic catapult has not been officially confirmed, but the Chinese naval technical experts have disclosed the progress of electromagnetic ejection research, so the electromagnetic blasting test of the 歼-15 carrier aircraft was successful. It doesn't seem to be a hole in the wind. However, even if the ejection is successful, it is still unknown whether it is in the prototype or engineering prototype. The aircraft carrier's electromagnetic catapult not only requires ejection, but also reliable, controllable, sustainable, large-volume, uninterrupted ejection operations, which is often more important than capable of ejection. This may be a further solution for Chinese domestic electromagnetic catapults. The problem.

Since China's first domestic aircraft carrier will use a sliding deck similar to that of the Liaoning ship, even if China uses a catapult device, it must be installed on the next generation or next-generation aircraft carrier. Experts said that in the case of conditions, the direct use of electromagnetic ejection over the steam ejection program is a shortcut. After all, the inheritance of electromagnetic ejection and steam ejection technology is very small, not only the development of steam ejection can develop electromagnetic Ejection, the technical difficulties they need to overcome are not the same.

However, Li Jie told the Global Times reporter that the direct use of electromagnetic catapults is of course the best, helping China to catch up with the world's most advanced level in aircraft carrier technology. However, in the case of a more thorough understanding of the steam ejection technology, it is a more sensible and reasonable option to apply this technology to the aircraft carrier first. After all, the United States does not currently fully grasp the technology of electromagnetic ejection, and is still experimenting. In addition to the technical breakthrough of the catapult itself, if you want to install it on the ship, it will involve problems such as power and system integration.

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