Electronic Control System Solutions Are Moving Towards Integration, Systemization And Miniaturization

- Nov 24, 2018-

Electronic control system solutions are moving towards integration, systemization and miniaturization

At present, the competition in the transmission market is becoming more and more fierce, and the market space for homogenized products is shrinking. The OEMs of each terminal have put forward higher requirements for the manufacturers of electronic control systems. In short, they can be summarized as: integration, system And miniaturization.


Integration refers to the original supply of different suppliers, such as EM630C series elevator integrated machine developed by sinusoidal electric, in addition to the industry-specific inverter, it also integrates low-voltage electrical, wireless calling, special functions, etc. Integrated into a cabinet, the user only needs to dock the cabinet and the mechanical part, which reduces the wiring and maintenance time on site. Systematization is a further requirement on the basis of integration. It is not possible to put the original equipment together, but also to make them play a greater role, improve equipment efficiency and reduce equipment costs. Miniaturization is the trend of the whole device, that is, a series of product advantages brought about by miniaturization and light weight. Taking the sinusoidal electric EM630C integrated machine as an example, the original customer needs to make multiple upgrades for the elevator, and after using the integrated special plane solution, it can save 40% of the cost, and the on-site transformation time is increased by more than 50%.

From the perspective of equipment terminal OEMs, the original automation system may mainly include HMI, PLM, driver, motor, etc., plus related low-voltage devices, as well as wire and cable and other accessories, a program needs to be compared with seven or eight or even more Many suppliers communicate, and the compatibility between the various devices is uncertain, and there are many uncertain factors in the manufacturer's solution development cycle and final product performance.

In order to solve the problem of helping the above-mentioned equipment development, the manufacturer is required to make products that meet the needs of customers, and it is necessary to make technical accumulation from various aspects such as product recognition, industry development, and technical level. First of all, for the relationship between the upstream and downstream parts of the product itself, the system operation must be understood, in order to optimize the system solution through understanding and analysis of the system. Secondly, we have a deep understanding of the development of the industry, and we must be able to understand the positioning of equipment in the industry, the industry's product processing chain changes, industry capacity and related policies. For example, in the field of new energy vehicle drivers, everyone is starting to drive the bus, but the real part is the driver of the low-speed electric car. If the industry chain does not understand the policy, the input and output may not ideal. Finally, behind the birth of each industry plane, there must be deep technical accumulation, which may involve technical performance, material selection, custom devices, software logic, etc., such as sinusoidal electrical in the development of tension control plane, There are dozens of related technical research projects, including the influence of tension on different tension materials, the analysis and calculation of friction coefficient of mechanical equipment, etc. The realization of simple inverter function is the last link.

As of August, the overall shipments of sinusoidal electrical appliances have grown rapidly, with better sales revenues and a good profit level compared to previous years. At this year's Industrial Fair, the products recommended by Sinus Electric are: A90 system inverter with excellent cost performance, stable and reliable, miniaturization, and EA180 series bus type servo which can support Ethercat, CANopen and other bus protocols and respond quickly. Sinus Electric will continue to improve its response speed and customer service capabilities, and serve the mid- to high-end system integrators and equipment manufacturers with excellent brand image and excellent technical strength.

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