Enrich Vehicle Application Functions To Meet Market Demand

- Nov 10, 2018-

Enrich vehicle application functions to meet market demand

With its mature motor control core technology, Gytech has become one of the mainstream suppliers of new energy vehicles in China. All products have passed the stringent matching test of domestic mainstream automakers and powertrain companies. At the same time, in order to be closer to the application characteristics of the automotive industry, Gyatco has also brought more rich and convenient application functions to users, such as “slope-slip prevention” function and parameter self-identification function.

In order to prevent the phenomenon of slope retreat, the motor control technology developed by Jitaike can automatically output the matching torque according to the load and the slope of the road, so that the vehicle can be set at the original position without any sloshing or automatically at a low speed according to the set speed. Therefore, it plays a role in preventing slipping and improving the driving safety of the vehicle. In practical applications, compared with the common implementation, the main drive control solution provided by Gytech can achieve better parking performance.

For example, in the process of assembly, if the cable between the controller and the motor is connected incorrectly, the Jitaike motor controller only needs to perform a simple parameter setting, which saves the trouble of rewiring and is greatly facilitated. The assembly and production of the depot has improved work efficiency. In addition, the motor control system introduced by Gyatco can also minimize the influence of the parameter change of the motor after heating on the output torque through the adaptive enhanced motor model, so that the motor has the same torque in both cold and hot state. The output capability ensures a higher stability and reliability of the motor operation. The Jitaike controller has built-in insulation detection function, which can detect the insulation short-circuit condition within 50ms, and send the short-circuit position (DC side, AC side) information to the VCU. The detection time is much smaller than the insulation detection, which improves the safety of the vehicle.


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