Entering The Field Of 230kW High Speed Permanent Magnet Motor

- Nov 05, 2018-

Entering the field of 230kW high speed permanent magnet motor

With advanced technology and price advantage, AVIC Harbin Dongan Engine (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as AVIC Dongan) recently bid for the "230kW high-speed permanent magnet motor and test bench procurement and installation" project of Zhongke Hefei Micro-Gas Turbine Research Institute Co., Ltd. Winning in the middle, and recently received the notice of winning the bid.

The successful bidding of the project marks that AVIC Dongan relies on the core technology of the National 863 Program, which not only accelerates the product development speed, but also has the product development capability recognized by the market. The scientific and technological level has been at the leading position in China.

According to reports, since 2002, AVIC Dongan has developed a 100kW micro gas turbine under the support of the National 863 Program. Among them, high-speed permanent magnet motor is one of the core components of the project. Based on the principle of “technical same roots and homologous products”, AVIC Dongan has developed a series of high-speed permanent magnet motors of 30~200kW level on the basis of 100kW high-speed permanent magnet motor. .

The 230kW high-speed permanent magnet motor that won the bid is rated at 45000r/min, which can be operated in two modes, motor and generator. It is still blank in China.

The high-speed permanent magnet motor developed by Dongan has the advantages of high speed, small size, high efficiency and light weight. It can be widely used in high-speed machining spindles, micro gas turbines, high-speed fans and transparent industries. The market prospect is broad.

It is reported that both the supply and demand sides will formally sign the contract in the near future. At present, preliminary preparation and development work has begun. Next, AVIC Dongan will continue to rely on the core technology of the National 863 Program high-speed permanent magnet motor development to carry out research and development of new products.


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