Experts Hot Evaluation Of The Hub Motor: Where Is The Advantage, What Is The Prospect?

- Nov 14, 2018-

Experts hot evaluation of the hub motor: where is the advantage, what is the prospect?

Some people in the industry believe that the hub motor has many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, light weight, miniaturization, etc. It is the ultimate solution for pure electric vehicles. The hub motor realizes the integration of new energy vehicle engines and transmissions, and creatively integrates the power, transmission and braking devices into the hub. The variable central drive is a distributed drive, eliminating the transmission, the drive shaft and the differential. The transmission components can reduce the transmission components by 80% and reduce the weight by 30%, thereby improving the energy efficiency of the battery and prolonging the cruising range.

Chairman of the US-China Automobile Exchange Association and Chairman of the Global Automotive Elite Organization Wang Dazhan: Chinese companies' acquisition of overseas companies is an effective way to develop China's independent parts and components enterprises.

Zhao Fuquan, the rotating chairman of the World Association of Automotive Engineers: The hub motor is welcoming a new spring.

Wang Binggang, head of the expert group of the National Clean Car Action Coordination Leading Group Office: Wheel hub motors are a direction of technological innovation.

Xu Xiangyang, executive deputy director of the National Passenger Vehicle Automatic Transmission Engineering Technology Research Center: The hub motor is a revolutionary impact on the transmission industry.

Once the hub motor is widely used in buses, passenger cars or cars, it is a revolutionary impact on the entire traditional industry. Once the hub motor is placed on a 12-meter bus, some of the conventional equipment will be cancelled. In addition, from the perspective of technological development, the hub motor is a direction for the development of conventional automobiles or electric drive drives in the future. When it comes to distributed wheel drive, from the control point of the whole vehicle, from the hub motor itself, from the integrated execution facilities, etc., many technical problems are involved. Only after solving all the problems, the hub motor can really be in the bus. Or get it on commercial vehicles. Nowadays, e-Traction's hub motor has been applied to bus and bus in European countries. It should be said that e-Traction has solved these critical technical problems. The next step is how to realize industrialization in China as soon as possible, and the Chinese market. Combined, a large-scale promotion and application.

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