Experts Interpret EU Standards And Help Jidong Motors Connect International

- Oct 19, 2018-

Experts interpret EU standards and help Jidong Motors Connect International

At 9 o'clock on the morning of the 17th, the EU technical seminar on motor export was held on the first floor of the Ningde City Convention and Exhibition Center. The event aims to help Fujian enterprises grasp the regulatory requirements of export destinations and improve the overall level of Fujian's motor industry exports.

TUV SÜD Group lecturers Song Lei and Zhu Haifeng exchanged views with the participating companies from the two aspects of “Electrical Export EU Latest Directives and Standards Analysis” and “EU Functional Safety Regulations”.

At the lecture, the experts put forward three suggestions to the exporting enterprises: First, comprehensively consider the standards and technical specifications of the exporting target countries in the R&D and production process; Second, strengthen the communication with the customers after receiving the orders, and master the foreign countries. The latest design requirements and regulatory dynamics; Third, actively track the ever-changing international technical regulations, and improve the process in time to improve product quality.

Chen Peiqiong, the group's marketing commissioner, told reporters: "In recent years, Ningde's export market has gradually diversified. From the traditional markets of Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East to Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, the corresponding technology entry threshold has been continuously raised. ”

She added: "Export companies can only successfully enter the export target country if they understand the certification requirements and standards of the product in the region and obtain the corresponding certification according to the requirements."

As the birthplace of “Zidong Motor”, which is well-known at home and abroad, Ningde is China's small and medium-sized motor export base. The motor and its electrical appliance industry is one of the first batch of industrial clusters in Fujian Province, and it is also the first 10 billion industrial cluster in Ningde.

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