Explain The Reason Why The Wholesale 12v Dc Gear Motor Emits Smoke During Work.

- May 11, 2019-

Explain the reason why the wholesale 12v dc gear motor emits smoke during work.

DC geared motors can be simply understood as the addition of gear reduction gearboxes to ordinary micromotors. This has the advantage of providing lower speeds and higher torques, and is commonly used in the steel and machinery industries. In an industry, then let's talk about the reasons why the wholesale 12v dc gear motor smokes during work.

1. The winding wiring is wrong. If the star is connected to a triangle, or the triangle is connected to a star by mistake, running under the rated load will overheat the DC gear motor and should be checked and corrected.

2, the bearing damage or excessive wear, so that the stator and rotor phase rub, can check whether the bearing is loose, the stator and rotor are not properly assembled.

3. The cage rotor broken strip or the wound rotor coil joint is loose, causing the maintenance network current to be too large and heating. The copper strip rotor can be repaired or replaced, and the rotor should be replaced for the cast aluminum rotor.

4. The fan inside the DC gear motor is damaged, installed or not installed, and should be properly installed. The damaged fan should be repaired or replaced.

5, the use of ambient temperature is too high, so that the DC gear motor intake air is too hot, heat dissipation is difficult, to take cooling measures.

6. The DC geared motor should also prevent water retreat and wind stagnation during operation, check whether the cooler has water leakage and crusting, and whether the wind net is blocked or not.


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