Explosion-proof Alarm Wiring

- Feb 08, 2017-

2.11. explosion-proof solenoid class

This product is mainly explosion-proof solenoid, explosion-proof, explosion-proof solenoid valve solenoid drives and other products. Its principle of operation is in the presence of electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic force generated by machinery and equipment, generally used for braking. Structure most of explosion-proof, cast steel or cast iron, explosion-proof class II BT6. The main technical parameter for the lift or suction (calculated in kg) and on-load factor, must not be powered on for a long time, or easy to cause dangerous overheating.

2.12. explosion-proof others class

In complex production processes often encounter many special requirements needed to create special explosion-proof electrical products. Due to low production of such products requires special, non-conforming products, so present it as explosion-proof others class. Mainly electrical instruments, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitter, speed transmitter, liquid level gauges, control, ignition device, cameras and other products. These products are basically made to production needs, although their performance requirements vary, but most products made for metal shell, whose type is flameproof or increased safety structure, there are a few products for intrinsically safe product, and its relatively low working voltage and current General, explosion-proof class II CT6.

Above the factory used explosion-proof electrical products can be divided into 12 categories, in order to have a clear rational knowledge about these products. The above classification may have missing or incomplete. But basically consisted of most of the products now on the market.

It is to be noted that: there are some products, such as reducing joints, sealing joints, pipe joints, flexible joints, flexible connection pipe and other products, many factories they are also classified as explosion-proof products, this is a misconception. These products can only be described as ancillary components of the explosion-proof electrical products. Therefore, the product category did not include these products here.

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