Explosion-proof Electrical Apparatus In China Is Basically Divided Into Two Categories

- Feb 08, 2017-

Explosion-proof electrical apparatus, as its name suggests is explosive hazardous gases in mixtures to prevent explosion of electrical appliances. At present, the explosion-proof electrical apparatus in China is basically divided into two types: one called the mine explosion-proof electric appliance, mainly used in coal mining, mine gas explosive gases such as prominent place, another called factory explosion-proof electrical equipment, other than mines, coal mines are mainly used in all places. Such as: petroleum, chemical industry, textile, medical, military and other enterprises, including the gas explosion and dust explosion-proof electrical equipment.

At present, explosion-proof electrical products according to the standard is divided into 10 forms, but in a factory explosion-proof electrical, most widely used are flameproof and increased safety in two forms, essential safety there is a certain dosage, other forms of explosion-proof electrical products use less. These product categories are summarized as follows:

Explosion-proof fan

Such products include the explosionproof pendant fan, explosion-proof fans and explosion-proof axial flow fan and other products, its structure consists of explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof junction boxes and explosion-proof blades and speed controller. The rated operational voltage up to 380V, explosion-proof class II BT4.

Explosion-proof electrical apparatus class with a heat function

Petrochemical enterprise in the production process often need some heating equipment and electric heating equipment and explosion-proof of such products is a very important issue. Main products are explosion-proof electric heaters, explosion-proof heaters. Because of the explosion-proof control transformer and ballast for explosion-proof products although the main function is not to obtain thermal energy, but its run, also may have a fever, should also pay great attention to and therefore all fall into this category. Of course, today's rapid development in science and technology, also made of high-tech materials heating equipment will emerge, but the explosion-proof problems cannot be ignored. Explosion-proof heating components for winding, controller and junction boxes and other elements, and often have the temperature control or monitoring function. This product was flameproof, explosion-proof class II BT4.

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