Explosion-proof Motor Development Can Be Expected

- Nov 05, 2018-

Explosion-proof motor development can be expected

After decades of production practice, China's explosion-proof motor industry has matured from technical design to manufacturing, especially the level of technical design, which has reached the level of similar foreign products and has the ability to develop various explosion-proof motors. The manufacturing process of the products is also constantly improving.

At present, the main factors affecting the level of China's small and medium-sized motor products are unstable, especially the quality of silicon steel sheets. In addition, the motor technology transformation is generally less invested, the proportion of general equipment for parts processing is large, and the precision is not high, which is one of the reasons that affect the quality of the motor. In addition, there is still a gap between the overall manufacturing process level of the industry and the advanced level of foreign countries. To solve the above problems, not only the efforts of the explosion-proof motor industry, but also the support of other supporting industries.

As China's explosion-proof electrical appliance manufacturers pay more and more attention to product quality, strict quality control, the quality level of explosion-proof electrical appliances continues to improve, effectively driving the rapid improvement of the safety situation of coal mines and petrochemical industries. The main result is that the group death and group accidents have been greatly reduced, and the security situation continues to develop in a good direction.

Zhang Yong, president of China Coal Machinery Industry Association, told reporters: "In recent years, China's explosion-proof motor industry has developed rapidly, and product output has continued to expand. The national industrial policy encourages the development of explosion-proof motor industry to high-tech products, and domestic enterprises have added new investment projects. With the increasing investment, investors pay more and more attention to the explosion-proof motor industry. The research on the key areas of the explosion-proof motor industry and its investment opportunities during the '12th Five-Year Plan period has become a hot issue. In the future during the '13th Five-Year' period, China's explosion-proof motor There is much to be done in the industry."

He also said that the development of the coal machinery industry has mainly accelerated the "five transformations": First, accelerate the transition from focusing on the development of industry to advanced manufacturing, high-tech industries and modern service industries; second, from the introduction of funds to the introduction of advanced technology The third is to transform from focusing on scale expansion to focusing on improving quality and efficiency; the fourth is to transform from relying on policy incentives to improving comprehensive service functions;

At present, the explosion-proof motor industry is moving towards the development of high-power motors with low-voltage and miniaturization, high-efficiency motors instead of ordinary motors, motor modularization, etc., which coincides with the development of the “13th Five-Year” coal-fired machine. The development of explosion-proof motors is very promising.

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