Explosion-proof Motor Industry Has Many Development Opportunities

- Nov 07, 2018-

Explosion-proof motor industry has many development opportunities

The motor industry is a traditional industry and a basic industry of the national economy. Explosion-proof motors are special motors used in the development of China's coal and petrochemical industries in the early 1970s. They are used in the above industries, such as fans, pumps and compressors. The main power equipment in the machine tool.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for explosion-proof motors in the petrochemical and coal industries has also increased, which has also promoted the development of China's explosion-proof motor industry. The total number of explosion-proof motor enterprises is growing. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 100 explosion-proof motor manufacturing enterprises and 77 member units of explosion-proof motor associations. Most of them not only produce explosion-proof motor products, but also produce ordinary motor products. Coal mine professional motor manufacturers account for 15 %about.

The rapidly growing economy has an increasing demand for energy, which has led to a marked improvement in the operating conditions of the coal, petroleum and chemical industries. At the same time, the coal, petroleum and chemical industries are paying more and more attention to safety production and production efficiency, and the demand for explosion-proof motors is increasing.

From the statistics of industry products, the output of flameproof low-voltage motors accounts for 86% of the entire explosion-proof motor market, and the efficiency of its products meets the energy efficiency of Class 3 of GB18613. Meet the requirements of current standards. According to the national energy efficiency standard GB18613, the efficiency index of the motor in July 2016 must meet the requirements of level 2 energy efficiency.

There are many types of explosion-proof motors, which are commonly used in flameproof, positive pressure, increased safety and non-sparking types.

1. Explosion-proof and positive-pressure explosion-proof motors are more than twice as expensive as ordinary motors due to their complicated structure, and require high technical level and management level in maintenance. Therefore, in addition to the hazardous environment application in Zone 1. In other hazardous environments, such motors should not be used or used as little as possible.

2. Increased safety type explosion-proof motor is designed to have a higher temperature than the general motor. In addition, this type of motor also has stricter special requirements for relay protection. Therefore, this type of motor is not normally used.

3. The structure of the non-sparking explosion-proof motor is almost the same as that of the ordinary motor, but the requirements for the degree of protection of the outer casing and the structure of the junction box are high. In addition, some reliability measures are added in the manufacturing process conditions, so the reliability is higher. High, its price is the lowest among all kinds of explosion-proof motors, only slightly higher than ordinary motors; it is also as simple as ordinary motors in maintenance, so it can be widely used in hazardous areas of Zone 2.

Last year, the main users of the explosion-proof motor industry generally had poor operating results, which led to a shrinking market demand for the entire explosion-proof motor industry. The industry was fiercely competitive, the overall economic benefits continued to decline, and operating pressures increased.

At present, the main factors affecting the level of China's small and medium-sized motor products are unstable, especially the quality of silicon steel sheets. In addition, the motor technology transformation is generally less invested, the proportion of general equipment for parts processing is large, and the precision is not high, which is one of the reasons that affect the quality of the motor. In addition, there is still a gap between the overall manufacturing process level of the industry and the advanced level of foreign countries. To solve the above problems, not only the efforts of the explosion-proof motor industry, but also the support of other supporting industries.

As China's explosion-proof electrical appliance manufacturers pay more and more attention to product quality, strict quality control, the quality level of explosion-proof electrical appliances continues to improve, effectively driving the rapid improvement of the safety situation of coal mines and petrochemical industries. The main result is that the group death and group accidents have been greatly reduced, and the security situation continues to develop in a good direction.

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