Explosion-proof Motors Repair Technology

- Feb 08, 2017-

First, Visual inspection:

1, check the motor enclosure for cracks, welding and deformation, spare parts are complete, there is no damage.

2 solid pieces are complete, explosion-proof parts, solid holes have screws and slide fastener-free.

Second, check the rotor: after taking the rotor, remove the small cover both inside and outside, check for damaged, squirrel cage rotor bars and end rings welded solid and reliable, without welding, cold welding.

Three, bearing inspection: remove the back wheel, check for damage and remove the bearings, check for cracks, peeling rust and pitting, discoloration.

Four, stator inspection:

1, surface cleaning of stator iron core and winding, winding insulation, there should be no visible damage and changing phenomenon.

2, while winding all around, insulation class winding pitch, conductor cross section should be identical to the original design.

Number 3, impregnation: immersed for not less than 3 times.

Five, cooling system: checks water cooled motor unobstructed sea, seals intact, no leakage, pressure test.

Six, explosion-proof surface check: explosion-proof Motors explosion-proof parts repaired in accordance with GB3836.2-2000 standards.

Seven, test:

1, the insulation resistance of the winding value: should be less than 5M (660V,380V), 1140V not less than 10M.

2, withstand voltage test: 380V-2000v/min,660V-2500v/min,1140V-3000v/min.

3, no-load test: unbalanced three-phase load current value not exceeding 10%, smooth without abnormal noise.

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