Feel The Cutting Edge Of Technology

- Nov 16, 2018-

Feel the cutting edge of technology

On the afternoon of October 31, 2016, the delegation visited the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory (MERL) in downtown Boston. It was warmly received by MERL Vice President and IEEEFellow Zhang Jinyun, and was examined by Dr. CEORichardWaters of MERL. The work gave a welcome speech, introducing the situation of the MERL company and the research work being carried out by the MERL research team.

According to Richard Waters, MERL is the North American division of Mitsubishi Electric's R&D Center. It has 60 senior researchers, including 4 IEEE Fellows. Each year, more than 150 professional research results are published in important conferences and journals. His research interests include advanced development in electronics and digital communications, media processing, digital analytics, spatial information processing, mechanical power and optimization technologies, and highlights six current research projects at MERL.

Six research projects include:

1. Electronics and communications. Research optical communication, high reliability wireless communication, sensor network, optical integrated circuit, wireless RF amplifier, wireless charging.

2. multimedia. Research visualization data compression, compression sensing technology, sound enhancement technology, private data protection.

3. data analysis. Research predictive modeling and decision-making optimization, including energy optimization of rail transit, building energy optimization and analysis, energy system optimization and analysis.

4. Computer vision. Study machine learning, deep learning, computing geography, and computational image processing. The main practices include automatic robot recognition and acquisition, automatic driving recognition, 3D reconstruction, dimensionality reduction, and high-resolution data simulation.

5. Mechatronics. Control algorithms, system modeling and simulation, nonlinear dynamic systems. Mainly research robot motion control, satellite station position maintenance, active suspension, fluid dynamics, air conditioning control.

After the introduction of Richard Waters, in order to let the corporate delegation from China feel the results of the MERL team more directly, and the important value of promoting industrial development, MERL specially arranged the research team leaders to separately research the results of their respective research directions. Detailed display and introduction.

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