Flame-proof Three-phase Induction Motors Main Features

- Feb 08, 2017-

Low voltage across burst type three-phase asynchronous motor derived series of main model has: YB series (dIIcT4) (frame Center high for 80-315mm), YBSO series (small power, frame Center high for 63-90mm), YBF series (wind machine with, frame Center high for 63-160mm), YB-H series (ship with, frame Center high for 80~280mm), YB series (medium, frame Center high for 355-450mm), YBK series (coal mine with, Central height of seat-100-315mm), YB-W, B-TH, YB-WTH series (base centered high-80-315mm), YBDF-WF series (outdoor corrosion of flameproof electric valve, motor Center for 80-315mm) and YBDC series (flame-capacitor start single-phase induction motor, motor Center for 71-100mm), crane and YBZS series explosion-proof double-speed three-phase induction motor. In addition, YB series explosion-safe three-phase asynchronous motor (motor Center for 355~450mm,560-710mm).

YB2 series has 14 of the joint design by the end of the national identification, will gradually replace the YB series, and has become the primary series of flame-proof three-phase induction motor. YB2 series total 15 frame (frame Center height is 63, 355nmm), power range of O. 12—315kW。 Its main features are:

(1) correspond to the power class, installation size and speed and DIN42673, taking into account the YB series of succession and interchangeability of Y2 series, made the necessary adjustments, more effective and applicable.

(2) a full range of class f insulation, temperature rise b-class assessment.

(3) noise limits lower than the YB series, close to the YB series of I-level noise and vibration limits with the YB series.

(4) housing protection rating of IP55.

(5) the full range of low noise deep groove ball bearings, motor Center located high above 180mm motor oil drain device.

(6) the motor heat sink has a parallel radiation distribution and level two, dominated by parallel horizontal distribution.

(7) major performance indicators have reached the international advanced level in the early 1990 of the 20th century.

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