Four Aspects To Achieve Healthy And Sustainable Development Of Small And Micro Enterprises

- Oct 30, 2018-

Four aspects to achieve healthy and sustainable development of small and micro enterprises

1. Each of them performs their duties to solve problems for enterprises. Government functional departments, including inspection and quarantine, should clarify their respective job responsibilities, simplify the process of doing business, and create a good business environment for enterprises; the labor department should take care of the interests of both employers and employees in a pragmatic manner, and correctly guide migrant workers to create A harmonious employment environment; the financial and taxation departments apply the existing policies to provide convenience for corporate financing and reduce burdens for enterprises, and provide enterprises with a win-win financing environment; inspection and quarantine institutions, public technology service platforms and industry associations should do their best. Micro-enterprise provides technical support to improve the company's ability to control product quality, improve product design and development, strengthen product upgrades, assist companies to overcome technical barriers to trade, and create an innovative environment for enterprises.

2. Strengthen quality management, increase research and development efforts, and promote the upgrading of products. Product quality is the basis of enterprise survival. Facing the reality of low quality management level, small and micro enterprises should increase the quality management investment and standardize internal management by taking the enterprise as the first responsible person of product quality and winning the strategy of quality. Great personnel training, improve the quality management level, improve product quality management and control capabilities, and ensure the quality of export products is stable. In order to solve the problem of small product renewal period and single product of small and micro enterprises, enterprises have increased research and development efforts for joint research institutions or other technical departments, improved technological innovation and product upgrading capabilities, designed and manufactured high value-added products, and improved profitability. Promote product upgrading and achieve sound development of the company.

3. Strengthen management, promote industry self-discipline, and establish a healthy and fair development environment. At present, due to the fierce competition in the export market in the country, the low-price competition in the export of electromechanical products in Shunde is characterized by obvious self-discipline, and the small-micro enterprises and illegally-exported commodity producers have poor self-discipline, in order to grab orders regardless of quality and low price competition, quality turmoil, violations Violations occur from time to time. Untrustworthy or illegal intermediaries and traders disrupt the market, evade quality supervision, and assist enterprises to conduct export trade through illegal channels. This invisibly increases the quality risks of China's export commodities, while also giving other Enterprises bring greater cost risks, hinder the healthy development of high-quality, law-abiding enterprises, and improve the government's management costs. It is recommended that district governments and relevant departments including inspection and quarantine departments strengthen management and support for export enterprises. The construction of various chambers of commerce and industry associations will enable chambers of commerce and industry associations to play a greater role, enhance industry self-discipline, improve the overall quality of the industry, play a good industrial cluster effect, polish the golden signs of Shunde's various industries, and increase law enforcement. Strengthen the order of foreign trade and crack down on illegal intermediary machines And traders, as well as acts of bad faith, the establishment of a fair and healthy environment for development.

4. Support and improve the construction of public technology service platform for Guangdong's export home appliances and supporting industries, and provide strong technical support for small and micro enterprises. There are many small and micro enterprises in Shunde area, and the product R&D, design and testing capabilities are seriously insufficient. Under the joint efforts of the district government, Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Shunde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the professional laboratories of South China Home Appliances Institute with the purpose of public technology service platform have been The official start-up operation has achieved initial success in providing public technical services to enterprises. However, it is still facing many difficulties in development. It is recommended that the district government increase its support for the construction of the laboratory of South China Home Appliances Institute and improve its comprehensive technical support capabilities. Cooperating with the implementation of Shunde District Longteng Project and Starlight Project, it has become a public technology service platform for many small and medium-sized enterprises, and has become a booster for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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