Four Heat Treatments For Brushed Dc Motor

- Jun 12, 2019-

Four heat treatments for brushed dc motor

The reason why the performance of the brushless DC motor can be fully exerted is that its heat treatment plays a certain role. In fact, the heat treatment of the equipment is to heat, heat and cool the metal material in a certain medium, by changing the surface of the material. Or internal crystal structure, a thermal processing process to change the performance of DC brushless motors, together with the four heat treatments used in the equipment:

1. Stress relief annealing treatment: the purpose is to eliminate casting force and improve mechanical properties and machining performance.

2. Graphitization annealing: If the cross-sectional size difference of the DC brushless motor is relatively large, a white port is easily formed in a thin cross section, so that graphitization annealing must be performed, the purpose of which is to eliminate the white mouth.

3. Other materials: There are also aluminum alloy brushless DC motors. The heat treatment is similar to that of cast iron, and the purpose is similar, but important aluminum alloy parts need to be solution treated for aging.

4. Homogenization annealing: more important DC brushless motors or brushed dc motor of other cast iron materials. In order to improve the mechanical properties, homogenization annealing is required because many chemical constituents are segregated during the casting process, and the purpose is to uniformly structure. Ensure that the mechanical properties of each section are consistent and improve the mechanical properties.


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