Four Measures To Avoid China Silent Dc Motor Blockage

- Jul 10, 2019-

Four measures to avoid China silent dc motor blockage

Frequent use of DC motors in production, there will be a variety of debris will enter the DC motor, resulting in motor failure. In view of the problem that the debris is frequently blocked by the DC motor, the method of clearing each block and clearing the overnight is adopted at the initial stage of operation. Although this avoids the shutdown, the motor body is often disassembled, causing the wear of the motor motor ring and the like to be intensified, and it takes a lot of manpower to clear each time. In addition to these methods, Shenzhen Longhui Motor also summarized the following four effective solutions:

First, ensure the safe operation of key equipment

It is required that the catalyst must be injected in a certain ratio, and the stopping time should not exceed 15rain. Otherwise, the melt viscosity will be lowered and the product quality will be lowered. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the DC motor, some guarantee measures must be taken.

Second, regular replacement of lubricants and wear parts

The main moving parts of the DC motor include a worm, a worm wheel, a slider, and a new piston. The wear of these components will directly lead to a decrease in the flow rate of the motor or not at all. The current solution is to periodically change the lubricating oil, wear parts and periodically clean the hydraulic chamber.

Third, strict operating procedures

The starting and stopping of the DC motor should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of use. At start-up, the zero output turns on the motor, and the regulator disk can be filled with nitrogen when there is a certain pressure at the motor outlet. Avoid large deformation of the diaphragm caused by nitrogen filling, and prevent the diaphragm from rupturing; when the output of the motor is increased, it should be slow; when the motor is stopped, the output of the motor should be slowly reduced.

Fourth, strengthen the maintenance of the motor

The DC motor is regularly inspected during operation, with emphasis on lubricating oil level, motor and motor sound, outlet pressure, and nitrogen buffer tank pressure. The motor body diaphragm and the nitrogen buffer tank diaphragm are periodically replaced to effectively prevent the two motors from being damaged at the same time, causing a catalyst shutdown accident.

After the DC motor has done the above measures, the large block solid material can be chopped so as not to be clogged. I hope that today's content will help you.






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