Frequency Conversion Motor Pushes Steel Industry To Achieve Energy Saving Benefit

- Oct 24, 2018-

Frequency conversion motor pushes steel industry to achieve energy saving benefit

This year has been the fourth year of the introduction of variable frequency motors by Kunming Iron and Steel Group. Since the introduction of Hitachi Group's high-voltage inverter motor in April 2008, Kunming Steel Group has achieved an annual energy saving of 1.44 million kWh, which has significant energy-saving benefits. This is also the first time that domestic steel companies have introduced Hitachi's variable frequency motor technology. Industry analysts pointed out that under the trend of increasingly promoting high-efficiency industrial production in China, Hitachi's industrial high-voltage inverter technology has brought some steel and steel chemical companies in Yunnan. Quantitative energy-saving benefits drive the daily production of these companies into the overall environmental protection stage.

Kunming Steel Group selected two sets of Hitachi's inverter systems to promote energy saving of boiler high-voltage motor equipment. The system is made up of Hitachi? The core components produced by the company are equipped with Hitachi's patented energy-saving monitoring technology to enable visual monitoring of energy-saving effects. This energy-saving effect visualization technology is based on the monitoring technology summarized in HDRIVE, a Hitachi motor energy-saving service model currently underway in Japan.

The main function of the high-voltage inverter is to save energy and improve production levels. For example, for large equipment such as fans and pumps, theoretically, when the operating rate is reduced to 80%, the energy consumption can be reduced by 20%, and the effect will not decrease with the loss of equipment. In the long run, it is feasible to reduce the production cost.

After the high-voltage frequency converter used by Kunming Iron and Steel Group was put into operation in April 2008, the power-saving rate of the induced draft fan reached 37.1%, which saved 1.44 million kWh per year. The power-saving rate of the blower reached 20.6%, which can save electricity every year. 200,000 kWh, the total annual electricity saving can reach 1.64 million kWh, equivalent to saving 598.6 tons of standard coal.

The chairman of Hitachi China Co., Ltd. Ohno said: After cooperating with the National Development and Reform Commission of China, an important issue is whether Hitachi can provide relevant advanced technologies, solutions and experiences based on China's national conditions and market demand. Hitachi will build more partnerships with Chinese companies and strive to provide green solutions that are among the highest in the world and in line with China's national conditions.

It is understood that cooperation between Hitachi and Dalian, China in the water environment, especially water, infrastructure desalination and other environmental protection industries is accelerating. The Japanese side will provide support to Dalian Dongda Group in terms of professional technology, design and business activities to help upgrade the city's functions during the 12th Five-Year Plan period.

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