From Which Aspects Can Avoid The DC Motor Blockage

- Oct 09, 2017-

For the frequent blocking of impurities in the DC motor problems, the initial operation of each block must be clear, clear the night but the method. Although this avoids the downtime, but often remove the motor body, resulting in mechanical and electrical machine rings and other parts of the wear and tear at the same time every time a lot of manpower plugging. In addition to these methods, from which aspects can be avoided clogging?

First, to ensure the safe operation of critical equipment

Require the catalyst must be injected into a certain percentage, and the stop time can not exceed 15rain. Otherwise it will reduce the melt viscosity, product quality and so on. In order to ensure the smooth operation of DC motor, must take some guarantee measures.

Second, regular replacement of lubricants and wear parts

DC motor inside the main moving parts of the worm, worm, slider, a new piston and so on. The wear of these components will directly lead to lower or no increase in the amount of motor flow, the current solution is to regularly replace the lubricating oil, wear parts and regular cleaning of the hydraulic chamber.

Third, strict operating procedures

Its start and stop should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation. At start-up, the zero output motor, until the motor outlet has a certain pressure before the regulator plate can be filled with nitrogen. To avoid the deformation caused by nitrogen caused by a larger diaphragm to prevent the diaphragm rupture; improve the motor output, to slow; stop the motor, it should slow down the motor output.

Fourth, to strengthen the maintenance of the motor

DC motor during the regular inspection, focusing on checking the oil level, motor motor sound, export pressure, nitrogen buffer tank pressure. Regularly on the motor body diaphragm, nitrogen buffer tank to replace the diaphragm to effectively prevent the simultaneous damage caused by two motor catalyst to stop the occurrence of accidents.

DC motor to do the above measures, can be a large block of solid material chopped, and thus no longer blocked. Hope that today's content is helpful to you.

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