Fully Expand New Energy Business

- Nov 06, 2018-

Fully expand new energy business

With the successive introduction of favorable national policies, China's new energy automobile industry has achieved a change from scratch, from small to large, and the supporting core energy components of new energy vehicles are also flourishing. As a leading inverter manufacturer in China, Hekang Inverter has established holding subsidiaries such as Hekang Power, Hekang Intelligent and Chang Technology, to develop new energy vehicle powertrain assemblies and key components, charging pile research and development, and electric vehicles. Time-sharing and charging station operations. Hekang frequency conversion will closely follow the market demand, strengthen product R&D investment, quality control and marketing services, and help the new energy automobile industry develop towards integration, intelligence and vehicle networking technology.

Leading the new energy powertrain market

As a core part of the new energy vehicle field, Hekang Power not only pays attention to the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection in product research and development, but also increases the mileage of new energy pure electric vehicles. It also actively implements the concept of “environmental protection, green and pollution-free” with practical actions. In 2014, with the help of APEC and the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Hekang Power provided complete vehicle controllers, high-voltage power distribution cabinets and vehicle chargers for pure electric buses of well-known domestic vehicle manufacturers. At present, Hekang Power has formed a matching relationship with many domestic bus manufacturers, and its product sales ranks among the best in the industry, highlighting the profound technical skills of Hekang in the field of new energy vehicles and opening up a new direction for the application of frequency conversion technology.

Create a smart charging station

During the inspection of Shanghai Automotive Group, President Xi Jinping emphasized that the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for China to move from a car-powered country to a car-powered country. It is necessary to increase research and development efforts, carefully study the market, and use the living policy to develop products that meet various needs. Make it a strong growth point. Various favorable policies are frequent, domestic consumers still have doubts about the mileage, price and charging service of new energy vehicles, but the capital market has already exploded, and it is believed that this year will become the scale of China's new energy vehicles. The year of development. At present, the biggest "hard injury" of new energy vehicles is the cruising range problem, which can not meet the needs of consumers for long-distance driving, and charging piles can alleviate this problem. With the release of the "Guidelines for the Development of Electric Vehicle Charging Foundations (2015-2020)" in November 2015, the battle for the 5 million electric vehicle charging market has been fully launched. Hekang Intelligent, a subsidiary of Hekang Frequency Converter, came into being, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of smart charging piles for new energy electric vehicles, providing a total solution for intelligent charging stations for new energy electric vehicles and their important equipment systems.

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