Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant Helps New Economic Rise

- Oct 18, 2018-

Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant is one of the major energy projects approved by the state. It is located in Qianxue Village, Sanshan Town, Fuqing City, the central coastal area of Fujian Province. It plans to build 6 million-kilowatt second-generation improved PWR nuclear power units, and implements one planning and continuous construction. The total investment is nearly 100 billion yuan. Some industry experts pointed out that the Fuqing nuclear power plant can stimulate economic development, and the comprehensive effect is considerable.

Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant: Expanding Domestic Demand

Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant is a large-scale key project that has been implemented by the central government after the plan to expand domestic demand by 4 trillion yuan. The first landing of the 100 billion big single, three major focus, attracted attention at home and abroad. Strongly boosting domestic demand, what kind of chain reaction is expected to be brought about by the construction of Fuqing nuclear power plant? Independent innovation, nearly 75% of the localization rate of Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, can lead China's nuclear power into the fast track of development? Under the situation of international financial turmoil, China's extra large How to avoid risks in key projects? Pulling development: The comprehensive effect is considerable. “The geological structure here is stable, the fresh water supply is convenient, there are many island shelters around, the wind shelter conditions are good, the waves are slow and not frozen or silted.” The experts of CNNC pointed out to Shanweishan to introduce to reporters, “This is rare in China. The nuclear power plant site." Fuqing nuclear power plant will rise here, how many enterprises will benefit from this production chain?

Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant: Pulling the Economy

China Dongfang Electric Group is currently working hard for the Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant. In the Deyang production base of Dongfang Steam Turbine in Deyang City, Sichuan Province, China National Nuclear Corporation and China Dongfang Electric Group formally signed contracts for steam turbine generator sets and steam generators for Fangjiashan and Fuqing nuclear power plants. The total value of the contract is about 5 billion yuan, accounting for one quarter of the total investment in equipment of Fangjiashan and Fuqing nuclear power projects. Yu Jianfeng, deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Corporation, said that this cooperation can fully support the reconstruction of Dongfang Electric after the disaster, and will also promote the development of the national equipment manufacturing industry.

China's first heavy machinery group company took away the supply agreement for the millions of kilowatt nuclear reactor pressure vessels and evaporator forgings; the nuclear power plant containment key equipment independently developed by the Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute of China National Nuclear Corporation National appraisal will provide new hardware support for equipment localization.

Fujian is more looking forward to this Fuqing nuclear power plant project. Up to now, the preparatory construction of the Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant project has completed an investment of 3 billion yuan. In 2009, it plans to complete an investment of 5 billion yuan, which can create more than 10,000 jobs for the local area. The relevant person in charge of the China National Nuclear Corporation said that after the construction and completion of the Fuqing nuclear power plant, it will have a huge investment-influencing effect on the local economy – the investment in six units is nearly 100 billion yuan, which is expected to boost local GDP growth by nearly 400 billion yuan. Industry insiders expect that after the Fuqing nuclear power plant project is put into production, it will drive the development of the local secondary and tertiary industries. It is expected that nuclear power, wind power and other energy industries will become another major industrial industry in Fuzhou, and its affiliated Fuqing City will become an important part of the west coast of the Straits. An environmentally friendly, multi-electric emerging energy base. The eyes of foreign nuclear power industry giants are also watching here.

In addition, the comprehensive localization rate of the Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant project reaches 75%, which means that some key technologies and equipment must still be imported from abroad.

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