Future DC Brushless Motor Controller Market Is Even More Crazy

- Nov 08, 2018-

Future DC brushless motor controller market is even more crazy

With the wide application of DC brushless motor controllers in various industries, brushless motor controllers will become an important device in the intelligent era, and the future market of DC brushless motor controllers is even more crazy.

1, kitchen appliances

The modern kitchen is full of electrical equipment, and now it is quite satisfactory in the process of using the household brushless DC motor controller, especially when the kitchen appliance can be used with the help of the household brushless DC motor controller. Better still, it is quite useful in the process of using kitchen appliances, such as using a blender, juicer, coffee machine, tea machine, electric knife, egg beater, rice cooker, food processor, Household appliances brushless DC motor controllers can be used for appliances such as grain grinders, vertical mixers, meat grinders, electric cutters, and the like.

2, smart home

Home intelligence has gradually become the trend of the times. In the process of using the home equipment for it, it is also possible to use the DC brushless motor controller of the household appliance, for example, when using the exhaust fan, or when the electric heater is used, it is quite sure, and the general smart home equipment is compared. Yes, at least in terms of quality, it can provide protection. In addition, there are circulating fans, humidifiers, humidifiers, air fresheners, cold, heaters, soap dispensers, hand dryers, smart door locks, electric doors, windows, curtains, etc.

3, floor care

The important parts and objects of household sanitation are the floor, and there are more and more kinds of floor care electric products. There are carpet cleaning machines, electric vacuum cleaners, hand-held vacuum cleaners, floor grinding machines, etc. They can also apply brushless DC. Motor controller.

4, white goods

What is white goods? White goods, as the name suggests, are white home appliances. White goods can reduce people's labor intensity (such as washing machines, some kitchen appliances), improve living environment and improve material living standards (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, etc.). Air conditioners, refrigerators, air purifiers, microwave ovens, range hoods, dishwashing hot water pumps, washing machine hot water pumps, etc. The technology of brushless DC motor controllers is quite mature.


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