Future Development Trend Of High Efficiency And Energy Saving Motor Industry

- Nov 08, 2018-

Future development trend of high efficiency and energy saving motor industry

From the perspective of the global market, China's low raw material prices, cheap labor costs and increasing technology levels have made China a major manufacturing country for micro-motors worldwide. With the active implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction and the gradual implementation of high-efficiency and energy-saving motor subsidy policies, the energy-efficient motor industry will usher in explosive growth. In the next few years, energy-saving electrical equipment will account for more than 60% of new small and medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment in China, and the market for energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment will reach 50 billion.

At present, there are many types of motor products in China, but the efficiency is not high. The motor system is inefficient and long-term inefficient operation. Some users of motor systems have a lack of awareness of the economic benefits of motor systems, or there are obstacles to technical problems in the energy-saving retrofit of motor systems. Energy-saving electromechanical equipment has been in a cold and not hot state. However, with the promotion of low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction policies in China and the world, the promotion and application of energy-saving electromechanical equipment will surely make substantial progress.

The development of China's power industry is in good shape, which makes the market demand for motors grow steadily for quite some time. In the context of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” for energy conservation and emission reduction, improving motor efficiency is undoubtedly the primary solution to the goal of achieving energy conservation and emission reduction. Energy-saving motor equipment adopts new design concepts, new processes and new materials to increase the output rate by reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy. Compared with standard electromechanical equipment, the energy-saving effect of using energy-saving electromechanical equipment is very obvious, usually can be increased by about 4%, and the market prospect of energy-saving motor is promising.

It is understood that the motor is an essential basic electromechanical component essential for industrial automation, office automation, home automation, and high-end equipment automation. The downstream application field of micro-motors is very extensive. The applications of micro-motors can be seen in all occasions where electric drive is required. It is mainly used in the production of household appliances, auto parts equipment, information processors and audio-visual equipment. Manufacturing and other fields. In the future, with the rapid development of technology and the increasing demand for automation, the application field of micro-motors will be expanded.

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