GE China R&D Center Develops Next-generation Permanent Magnet Motor For Vehicles

- Oct 27, 2018-

GE China R&D Center develops next-generation permanent magnet motor for vehicles

At present, scientists at GE China R&D Center are working closely with domestic partners to develop R&D in the fields of electric tractors and electric buses, and promote the development of green transportation in China with advanced electric propulsion technology.

In the electric tractor project, scientists will provide technical support in electrical system integration and system optimization, electric tractor system simulation, control strategy, and build electric tractor prototypes.

In the field of electronic control, GE China R&D Center scientists are further researching and optimizing energy management systems, and at the same time developing control algorithms for next-generation permanent magnet motors, so that motors can operate more efficiently, have higher reliability, and are committed to developing high Integrated control hardware that integrates DC boosters, inverters and motor controllers.

In the field of motors, how to achieve smaller and more powerful motor vehicles has become the biggest challenge. Currently, GE Global R&D Center is developing the next generation of permanent magnet motors for vehicles, making the entire power system lighter, lower cost, more reliable and more powerful.

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