GP Series Robot Advantages

- Nov 20, 2018-

GP series robot advantages:

Improve overall speed

The robot's full-axis synthesis speed can be increased by up to 39% compared to the old model, which greatly shortens the action tact time.

Wide range of uses

The belt-shaped round, small and slim arm shape design minimizes the interference area and can be stored in various equipment on the user's production site. And the allowable torque of the mechanical arm joint is increased by about 38%. The maximum load capacity of the new generation of robots is greatly improved compared to the old models, and the wide range of motion can meet the various workpiece handling needs of customers.

Robust construction

The IP67 standard structure strengthens the intrusion of foreign matter in the arm drive unit and can cope with various user production sites. At the same time, the smooth arm shape makes it difficult for the powder layer to accumulate and it is easier to clean.

Improve maintenance

The link cable between the robot and the supporting control cabinet YRC1000 and YRC1000micro is changed from the previous two to one, which shortens the starting time of the device and makes the wiring more concise.

The advantages of a new generation of control cabinets:

Compared to the previous generation control cabinets DX200 and FS100, the YRC1000 and YRC1000micro are reduced by 67% and 62%, respectively, and are available in a compact configuration for high-density configurations. At the same time, the YRC1000micro is the smallest of the world's existing control cabinet sizes and can be built into 19-inch shelves.

With VMAX capabilities, the robot can operate at maximum speed in a variety of postures with a simple designation. At the same time, by adopting new control technology, the robot motion trajectory error is greatly reduced and the trajectory accuracy is improved.

On the basis of inheriting the existing operating system, the touch operation of teaching programming is strengthened, and the operability is further improved.

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