Grab The Market At Home And Abroad

- Nov 19, 2018-

Grab the market at home and abroad

When it comes to the 4S shop of a car, people are not unfamiliar. This is a car franchise model with the "four in one" as the core. In addition to designing and manufacturing power station units, the all-round service mode, such as technical service, unit installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance, upgrade and transformation, opened by Harbin Electric Motor Co., Ltd. has the same effect as the 4S shop.

From gradually mastering the core technology of power station construction to exploring intelligent manufacturing services, Harbin Electric has built a management structure for business, technology and execution of complete sets of projects in a step-by-step transformation and upgrade, accumulating the energy of rushing to the market at home and abroad.

In December 2015, Harbin Electric and Fengman Hydropower Station signed a project contract to provide large-data-based hydropower unit life-cycle remote intelligent diagnosis service for Fengman Hydropower Station. The remote state monitoring and fault diagnosis system V2.0 of power generation equipment officially landed and transformed into service. The product has achieved another upgrade of the business model.

At present, 7 domestic and foreign users have contacted Harbin Electric Machinery to contact the power plant for intelligentization and remote fault diagnosis of the unit, and three high-tech companies and research institutes have contacted and cooperated with Harbin Electric.

The development of information and intelligent products, speed determines everything, and even the best ideas will be replaced by new products once they miss the opportunity. In view of the rapid development of remote fault diagnosis product development, Harbin Electric will further invest in software support and human resources to gradually improve research and development capabilities.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of “2016 Smart Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project”. The remote state monitoring and fault diagnosis system for power generation equipment independently developed by Harbin Electric was selected as the only intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project in China's large-scale power generation equipment manufacturing industry.

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