Green Industry, How To Make Green And Gold?

- Oct 31, 2018-

Four aspects to promote implementation

Gao Yunhu pointed out that it is necessary to pay close attention to implementation and comprehensively promote green manufacturing. In May this year, the State Council officially issued "Made in China 2025", systematically sketched the blueprint for China's manufacturing industry, and proposed that green development should be one of the main directions, and green manufacturing engineering was established as one of the five major projects. In order to do a good job of implementation, according to the unified deployment of the National Manufacturing Power Strong Country Strategy Leading Group, we are concentrating all aspects of strength, and promptly compiling the "Green Manufacturing Engineering Implementation Plan" to implement "Made in China 2025".

First, accelerate the implementation of green transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. We will comprehensively promote the green transformation of traditional manufacturing industries such as iron and steel, nonferrous metals, chemicals, building materials, papermaking, printing and dyeing, and widely apply clean and efficient casting, forging, welding and other processing technologies, and promote technologies such as lightweight, low power consumption and easy recycling, and continuously improve the motor. Energy efficiency levels of end-use energy products such as boilers, internal combustion engines and electrical appliances.

The second is to actively lead the green development of emerging industries with a high starting point. Accelerate the development of the green information and communication industry, significantly reduce the production, use and operation of electronic information products, and actively build green data centers and green base stations. Accelerate the development of new materials, new energy, high-end equipment, green and low-carbon development of the bio-industry, promote green cutting technology such as near-net forming and surface engineering, and vigorously develop and apply high-performance, lightweight green new materials. Accelerate the application of information and communication technologies, and promote the construction of smart grids, intelligent buildings, multi-network convergence, and intelligent logistics to promote energy conservation and carbon reduction.

The third is to promote efficient recycling of resources. Continuously improve the ratio of green and low-carbon energy use, and develop industrial green parks and enterprises to distribute green smart micro-grids to control and reduce fossil energy consumption. Fully implement the recycling production mode to promote link symbiosis, mutual supply of raw materials and resource sharing among enterprises, parks and industries. Strengthen the support of technical equipment and improve the comprehensive utilization level of bulk industrial solid waste, scrap metal and waste electronic products. Vigorously develop the remanufacturing industry, implement high-end remanufacturing, intelligent remanufacturing, in-service remanufacturing, promote the remanufacturing product certification, and promote the establishment of an international mutual recognition mechanism for remanufacturing products.

The fourth is to actively build a green manufacturing system. Focus on strengthening pilot demonstrations from four dimensions: products, factories, parks, and supply chains, vigorously promote greening of industries, and consolidate the foundation of green manufacturing: vigorously support enterprises to develop and design green products, significantly improve product energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon levels; build 1,000 enterprises in key industries Green demonstration plant to achieve land intensification, raw material harmless, production clean, waste resource, low-carbon energy, explore the green model of factories that can be replicated and promoted; cultivate 100 zero-emission green with strong demonstration and distinctive characteristics Industrial parks; create a green supply chain, and guide enterprises to comprehensively consider energy conservation and environmental protection factors in product design, procurement, production, packaging, logistics, sales, service, recycling and reuse, and work with upstream and downstream enterprises to implement energy conservation and emission reduction. responsibility. At the same time, accelerate the greening of management and strengthen the support of green manufacturing: strengthen green enterprises, support enterprises to implement green strategies, green standards, green management and green production; develop green finance, strengthen the coordination of credit policies and industrial policies, and guide funds Flow to energy conservation and environmental protection technology research and development and ecological environmental protection governance; strengthen green supervision, improve energy conservation and environmental protection regulations and standards system, strengthen energy conservation and environmental protection supervision; carry out green evaluation, innovate industry management methods, implement social responsibility reporting system, and guide enterprises to implement self-declaration Encourage public participation in supervision.

Promote the industrialization of resource recycling

State Council Counselor Niu Wenyuan pointed out at the meeting that during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, China's industrial energy conservation and emission reduction faces serious challenges. China will propose a series of strengthening measures in terms of system mechanism, production mode, energy structure, economic policy, and scientific and technological innovation.

Yao Yan, vice chairman of China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., proposed that the guiding ideology for the development of circular economy in the building materials industry is to improve the resource output rate and follow the principle of “reduction, reuse, resource utilization, and reduction of priority”. Comprehensive planning, key breakthroughs, comprehensive promotion, combination of local conditions, demonstration leading, promotion and popularization, system innovation, technological innovation, management innovation, actively building a recycling system for building materials, promoting industrialization of resource recycling and promoting green consumption To form a resource recycling system covering the whole society.

According to reports, this year's annual meeting focuses on the development of green industry in the “13th Five-Year Plan”. The leaders, experts and member representatives of the conference will jointly study the ideas and directions of the development of the association, exchange the latest policies, technologies and market information of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry. Promote the mode and approach of green industry development. The meeting was hosted by Chen Jinen, Executive President of China Industrial Energy Conservation and Cleaner Production Association. During the meeting, a high-level dialogue was also held, and in-depth exchanges were held on issues related to policies, markets, and technologies related to the development of the 13th Five-Year Plan for green industry from different angles.

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