Ha Motor Fills The Blank Of Autonomous Design Of China's All-hydrogen Cold Gas Turbine

- Nov 09, 2018-

Ha motor fills the blank of autonomous design of China's all-hydrogen cold gas turbine

Recently, Harbin Electric Group Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ha Electric) independently designed and manufactured the first domestic 300 MW full hydrogen cold gas turbine generator successfully passed the pre-existing assembly type test.

The test data shows that the motor parameters and performance indicators are in full compliance with the manufacturing standards and test program requirements, which indicates that Harbin Electric has fully mastered the technology of 300 MW full hydrogen cold gas turbine generator design and manufacturing test, and filled the 300 MW class in China. The blank of the independent design and manufacture of the capacity of all hydrogen cooled gas turbine generators.

It is understood that the gas turbine generator is suitable for both gas-fired combined cycle power plants and conventional coal-fired power plants. It adopts full hydrogen cooling mode and eliminates the cooling water system. The generator has a simple structure and high operating efficiency, which not only saves costs but also reduces The operation and maintenance costs increase the safety and reliability of the generator operation.

At present, Harbin Electric has 11 models of this type of products under design and manufacture, completely rid of the dependence of such models on imports.

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