Harbin's Third-generation Nuclear Power Products Made New Breakthroughs In Localization

- Nov 02, 2018-

Shoulder mission

For a long time, Harbin Electric has carried out long-term follow-up attention on China's nuclear power development and carried out a lot of work. It has won China's introduction and digestion of the world's most advanced third-generation nuclear power technology support project - Sanmen nuclear power project, shouldering the push to promote China's nuclear power The historical mission of independent development.

From 2007, the company signed the contract for the three AP1000 nuclear power projects, and in 2013, successfully manufactured the first three steam turbine generators, and then realized the localization of many components of the AP1000 nuclear power project in Haiyang and Tianwan by 2015. After eight years of hard work.

As early as the beginning of 2003, the state initiated the bidding for the Zhejiang Sanmen nuclear power project, and Harbin Electric actively prepared to participate in the bidding. According to the requirements of the state, the three-door nuclear power generators need to be manufactured by means of technology introduction, which means that domestic enterprises must cooperate with foreign companies to participate in bidding.

After analysis, Harbin Electric selected Japan's Mitsubishi Corporation with AP1000 nuclear power technology conventional island generator set manufacturing performance as the partner. After nearly a hundred negotiations, Harbin Electric and Mitsubishi formed a bidding consortium, and finally stood out among many strong opponents, seized the bidding opportunity of China's three generations of nuclear power projects, and signed a three-door nuclear power project in September 2007. Contract; in March 2008, it signed a related technology transfer agreement with Mitsubishi.

Harbin's goal is to not only make the three-door nuclear power unit meet the nuclear power project laws and regulations, foreign manufacturing standards and owner's requirements, but also to make it a fine product; not only to complete the domestic manufacturing of the first three-generation nuclear power turbine generators, It is also necessary to realize the localization of its components and materials in the project products such as Tianwan and Haiyang, which are also the AP1000 nuclear power projects, and promote the development of national nuclear power autonomy.

Conversion technology

On May 16, 2008, after receiving the first batch of technical documents, drawings and some design reports provided by Mitsubishi Corporation, Harbin Electric began to transform the three generations of nuclear power technology, thus taking the localization of the three generations of nuclear power projects. first step.

The drawings and materials provided by Mitsubishi Corporation are in an electronic version that cannot be edited. The drawing system, product data structure, and production organization management method are greatly different from those of Harbin Electric. To turn these contents into materials suitable for domestic drawing systems and production organization management methods, the technical transformation work is not a simple translation. It is necessary not only to read, understand, digest the structural form, design features and manufacturing process of each part, but also to redraw drawings, process documents and quality inspection documents.

From May 2008 to December 2013, Harbin received 5,208 copies of technical documents, drawings, design reports, and additional and revised materials provided by Mitsubishi Corporation. By overcoming many difficulties, all of this information was transformed in time.

At the same time, in order to lay a talent foundation for the technical transformation, product manufacturing and localization of the three generations of nuclear power projects, Harbin Electric organized a number of batches of personnel to the Japanese training, and put forward strict requirements for the participants. Since December 2009, it has dispatched nearly 30 batches of more than 1300 people to Japan for training. The training covers design, production planning, manufacturing, inspection and other aspects. In March 2010, Harbin Electric completed the pre-technical transformation and production preparation of the three generations of nuclear power; from April 1st, Sanmen Nuclear Power No. 2 machine base began to lay off, officially embarked on the road of nuclear power production.

Break through self

The road ahead is not always smooth. Although Harbin Electric has carried out technology transfer work, many aspects such as material procurement, processing application, quality verification, etc. in nuclear power manufacturing are still controlled by foreign parties. At the same time, the complex structure, high-precision size and the production control method with the "four things" concept as the core of the three-generation nuclear power turbine generator components make the Harbin motor technology, management and production operators very unsuitable in the early stage of manufacturing. Many violations occurred in the operation, resulting in quality problems, and production was even stopped by foreign parties and owners.

In order to change this passive situation as soon as possible, Harbin Electric vigorously promoted the nuclear power culture to all members; and vigorously strengthened nuclear power production management. With the implementation of various measures, Harbin Electric's employees stepped out of the "fear of nuclear" area, and understood the rumor that Qiu Xiliang, the chairman and general manager of Harbin Electric, cracked the problem of nuclear power manufacturing: "Without self-criticism, there is no self. Salvation, let alone the sublimation of the self."

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