Hardware And Electrical Industry Distributors How To Do A Good Job In The Terminal Market

- Oct 10, 2018-

As the market competition intensifies, the hardware and electromechanical market gradually transitions from the initial product competition to the brand competition. How to do terminal sales is a realistic problem that dealers must face. To make a good terminal market, dealers need to do their own. market. The terminal market is the end of the sales channel. It is the main battlefield where consumers and products meet directly. It is the connection point of the three elements of goods, customers and money, and is the final destination for manufacturers to sell.

First of all, if dealers want to do a good job in the market, they must choose a brand that suits local needs. To a certain extent, the brand traits should be related to the dealer's customer base, otherwise the dealers will have to spend more energy to develop new customer groups in the future work.

Secondly, dealers should subdivide the market within their jurisdiction, cultivate their influence in the terminal, train the quality of business personnel, and explore skills such as customer development, channel management, and customer maintenance. The intensive cultivation of terminal channels is the basis for the survival of hardware and electrical dealers. For traditional hardware and electrical dealers, the favorite way to sell is to wait for customers to come to the door. However, the traditional way is not the real sales, the terminal is the place to achieve sales.

The difference between a dealer and a traditional wholesaler is that he is not only a middleman, but also has exclusive regional distribution rights, and should be the market pioneer and manager. The interests of dealers and manufacturers are the same. Only by increasing the sales volume of the market can the actual profit be improved. Sales = number of active terminals to display the number of products. Therefore, successful dealers often work hard on the terminal:

1. Increase the terminal sales point of products and improve product coverage;

2, to ensure that the product display is obvious and beautiful, in order to promote the sales of each terminal sales point;

3. Strengthen customer management and customer condition maintenance, and increase the frequency of purchase of each terminal sales point.

In the past, the manufacturers directly supplied the provincial distributors. There were two batches, three batches and four batches under the dealers. Most of the provincial dealers were sitting in the store and relying on several large offline users. This was because the market competition was not at that time. Intensely caused. Excessive links can lead to a series of problems such as high cost, chaotic price, and passive operation. It is necessary to change the mindset and focus on the terminal.

When the dealers do a good job in the city's market, they must start their own city and county-level markets. To make a city-level market does not require you to go door-to-door for a retail visit, but to cultivate this market, choose a good customer as the total distributor of the region, and visit him regularly to help him manage the market.

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