Hardware, Electromechanical, Small Profits But Quick Turnover

- Oct 19, 2018-

Hardware, electromechanical, small profits but quick turnover

On the 3rd, the 15th Dalian International Machine Tool, Tool and Mould Exhibition opened at Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center. The reporter observed in the hardware and electrical exhibition hall that the profit dilution of this industry is quite powerful.

At this exhibition, the status quo of various companies also confirmed these data. In the current domestic hardware sales leading enterprise - Shida Tools, the company learned that the sales of enterprises in Dalian reached 17 million last year. Although it has increased, it is actually a "tears" sale.

Leading domestic hardware sales companies are faltering, and Dalian's local agent sales companies are even more sad.

It is understood that there are about 7,000 companies operating hardware and electromechanical in Dalian, and about 500 production companies. However, nearly 80% of local products in Dalian are foreign goods. Industry insiders told reporters that in fact, Dalian's hardware and electromechanical industry has a good foundation. Like Zhuanghe Valve and Dalian Wave Washing Machine, it is a famous brand in the national hardware and electromechanical industry. What is lacking is the support for this industry.

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