HC5435 Big Torque Power Motor

- Sep 11, 2020-

We performed the following tests for HC5435 Big Torque Power Motor: HC5434 high-power motor :HC5435-02 AC Motor Standard Operating Conditions 1.Rated voltage: AC 220V at both ends of the motor remains unchanged.Operating voltage range :200-240V MOTOR terminal AC constant 200-240v3.Roation direction :CW4.Operating temperature range: -20C + 80C5.Storage temperature range :-40 C +100 C Standard test condition 1.Motor position: Motor and shaft are placed horizontally.Power supply: stable power supply to ensure the reliability of measures.Rotation direction from the output side :CW.Rated load current :1.6A 10%(with plastic fan) Rated Load Power :350W 10%(with plastic fan) Rated load speed :13500rpm 10%(with plastic fan) Insulation voltage: Max. 5mA.Appearance of AC2500V between the motor terminal and the motor metal shell: no obvious deformation or upper crack defects can be seen by visual inspection, and the fastening part has been firmly fixed 2.Shatf ends :0.5mm Max3.Vibration: Establish mutually agreed life test 1.Continue running: Uninterrupted Running2.Stop life test: stop the test after continuing to run for 60 days, check the motor and bushing for abnormal wear.Motor life 10000 h/min。


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