Henan Adds 380 Thousand Eyes To Pass Motor Well

- Jul 15, 2017-

Zhengzhou newspaper (reporter Ma Yuefeng) in July 11, Henan County, Yanjin Shi Po Guzhen Zheng Yi Cun farmers Chen Xinrong to peanut watering, open agricultural vehicles, do not move the plastic pipe, just take a card, to the edge of the wells room with a brush, water rushing stream. "My house with 15 acres of land, the motor shaft, a personal credit card during the 3 days after watering. In the past, a family of three went into battle, the fastest five or six days." In the first half of this year, 130 thousand new electric motors were introduced in Henan province. So far, the total investment of 9 billion 134 million yuan of 380 thousand wells power project completed successfully, benefiting 19 million acres of farmland.

Henan is a major grain producing province, irrigation by wells, but by the end of 2015, the province still has 380 thousand wells without electricity. In early 2016, Henan launched a new round of rural network upgrading project "two years battle", plans to be completed by the end of 380 thousand, 2017 wells power transmission task. The power supply of the pumped well can bring tangible benefits. Chen Xinrong calculations, with a diesel engine to irrigate an acre of land to more than 3 hours, fuel consumption more than 3 liters, a liter of 5 yuan, need fifteen, six yuan. With electricity pouring 1 acres of land, 1.5 hours after pouring, the power consumption of seven or eight degrees, once less than 0.5 yuan, accounting for about 4 yuan, an acre of land to irrigate once, can save more than 10 yuan. "This year, water and fertilizer as well. When wheat harvest is good, the per mu yield of nearly 700 kg." Chen Xinrong says.

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