High Speed Dc Motor Factory With You Understand The Characteristics Of High Voltage Motor Start Up And Analysis

- Aug 19, 2019-

high speed dc motor factory with you understand the characteristics of high voltage motor start up and analysis

The starting mode of large high voltage motor is compared and analyzed through the actual running curve and data of the air compressor.

The starting mode of the large air compressor motor is often determined based on the personal understanding and mastery of the design personnel. Yingde Gas Co., Ltd. has three sets of large air separation equipment air compressor and motor of the same type and equal capacity, but has adopted three different starting methods of self-lotus Transformer, pole plate movable water resistance and thermal resistance. According to the actual starting curve collected in the field, the three kinds of motor starting methods are compared and analyzed for reference.

1, commonly used high-voltage motor start-up mode

1.11 Direct start-up

Direct start is the direct start of the motor under full voltage conditions. If grid conditions permit, direct start can be used. However, in the actual production process, due to the limited capacity of the power grid, direct start-up is rarely used. Due to the use of direct start, the start current is large, so that the voltage drop is large, and it has a greater impact on the power supply system. If the pressure drop exceeds a certain value, it may cause the upper substation to trip. Therefore, this direct start method is rarely used in actual operation.

1.12 Series reactor activated

The series reactor starts when the motor is started, in order to limit and reduce the starting current and voltage drop of the electric network when the motor starts. When the motor is stable and the current reaches a certain value, the exciter becomes the motor direct start mode. Because the voltage of motor end also drops during the start-up process, it is easy to lead to insufficient starting torque, and there will be a secondary impact process during the start-up process.


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