Household Motor

- Jan 15, 2021-

About the working principle of some household motors: 1. The principle of electric rice cooker: using the thermal effect of current to work, the internal resistance wire electrified to generate electric heat;

2. The principle of refrigerator;After energizing, the motor drives the gas compressor, so that the heat transfer material in the evaporator in the refrigerator evaporates and absorbs heat, so that the temperature in the refrigerator decreases, and the hot gas in the interior evaporates and is compressed to the outside of the refrigerator to liquefy and release heat.

3. Principle of induction cooker: convert the low-frequency alternating current into high-frequency alternating current and pass it to the electromagnetic coil to generate alternating magnetic field, which generates a large eddy current at the bottom of the iron pot and generates electric heat according to Joule's law;

4. The luminescence principle of the white light bulb: the thermal effect of the current is used to glow when the heat is heated;

5. TV remote control principle: the remote control emitted infrared signal, the TV receiver is infrared receiver;

Micromotors commonly used in household appliances are widely used in a variety of micromotors, the most widely used computable capacitor motor, shaded pole motor and permanent magnet DC motor.Other such as synchronous motor, series motor and other consumption is not small.In the capacitive running motor, the secondary winding is connected with the phase-shifting capacitor to participate in the operation, and the symmetrical operation is realized at the rated point. Therefore, the operation is smooth, the output is large, the vibration noise is low, and the power factor efficiency is high.Can be called high efficiency and energy saving motor.However, due to its low blocking torque, only 0.3~0.9 times, it is suitable for light load starting occasions.Such as electric fans and various cooling fans.Ventilators and washing machines, etc.


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