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- Jan 21, 2021-

High quality household motor supplier, the daily maintenance of air conditioning methods are as follows: a, first of all, should have the appropriate power capacity and reliable special line connection, and with a reliable grounding wire.

B, pay attention to careful regulation of stifling temperature: cooling room temperature set 1 degree, heating room temperature set 2 degrees, can save more than 10%, and the human body almost can not detect the difference in temperature.

C, regularly clean the filter: dust will block the filter mesh, reduce the effect of heating and cooling, should be cleaned once about half a month.

D, as far as possible to open doors and Windows, the use of thick, transparent small curtains can reduce the heat exchange inside and outside the room, conducive to electricity saving.Adjust the air outlet blade, choose the appropriate air outlet Angle, cold air is heavier than air, easy to sink, warm air is the opposite.So the air outlet is up when refrigeration, and the air outlet is down when heating, and the temperature regulating efficiency is greatly improved.

F. Control the startup and the status setting in use. When the startup is started, set the high wind to achieve the control purpose the fastest;When the temperature is suitable, change the medium and low wind, reduce energy consumption, reduce noise.The connecting pipe should not be too long. The outdoor unit should be placed in the easy heat dissipation place. The indoor and external connecting pipe should not exceed the recommended length as far as possible, which can enhance the refrigeration/thermal effect.

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