How Is The Linear Motor Thrust Detected?

- Sep 25, 2018-

The output volume of linear motor is mainly thrust. The linear motor will fluctuate due to many reasons such as theory, design, manufacture, load and interference. Therefore, we must test linear motor.

The thrust detection of linear motor can reflect whether the operation of linear motor is stable. Therefore, thrust detection is the key parameter of linear motor detection. The following paper mainly introduces the thrust fluctuation test of homburg linear motor.

The common test system of thrust fluctuation is to test the thrust fluctuation by means of the drag plate driven separately by the ball screw and the linear motor.The rotating motor is connected to the linear motor through ball screw, which makes the interference of mechanical connection mechanism inevitably enter into the fluctuant detection results, resulting in considerable deviation of the test results.

Tongmao motor adopts a new wave test solution, and two linear motors of the same model are used to load each other on the same guide rail. By data processing of the thrust signals collected under appropriate conditions, the thrust characteristics of the linear motor tested are finally obtained.We adopt two load of a linear motor, including linear motor to be tested and with linear motor, their electrical performance and mechanical performance is the same, so that you can avoid the rotating motor torque fluctuation, the introduction of the runtime and use simple connection device instead of ball screw, largely solved the mechanical connection part of the uncertainty and disturbance, improve the transmission efficiency.By using the appropriate control detection method, the fluctuation of two motors superimposed is in the same phase, and then the thrust fluctuation of the tested motor is obtained.

All products manufactured by tongmao electric have been tested and tested strictly, and provide customers with all-round technical support to the normal operation of the products.The standard series u-type linear motor produced by the company can reach 2600N peak thrust, 750N sustained thrust, and positioning accuracy up to 0.5um, compatible with multi-brand motion controllers and drivers.

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