How Should The Motor Industry Resist Shocks And Move Into New Manufacturing?

- Nov 26, 2018-

How should the motor industry resist shocks and move into new manufacturing?

In recent years, the impact of the traditional retail industry on the Internet has declined, and the impact is obvious to all. However, at the "3rd World Zhejiang Merchants (Guangdong 2017) Summit Forum held yesterday, Ma Yun, chairman of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group, said that the manufacturing industry will be greatly affected in the next 10 years. This impact is no less than the impact of the Internet facing the traditional retail industry. In this regard, some people may feel too exaggerated. However, the development situation of the manufacturing industry in recent years is indeed not optimistic. So, how should the motor industry resist shocks and move into new manufacturing?

Manufacturing will suffer a huge impact

Ma Yun’s original words are: “I introduced five 'new's last year. Many companies don’t take it for granted, but many companies have begun to pay close attention to it. New retail is boomingly changing China’s economic structure. The next step in new retailing must be new manufacturing. The new manufacturing depends on Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang – the two continents of the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta determine the future of new manufacturing. But the impact of new manufacturing will be far greater than the Internet impact of the retail industry, so Guangdong enterprises Please pay close attention to the next 10 years, the manufacturing industry will be greatly impacted, this impact is no less than the impact of the Internet facing the traditional retail industry."

“Guangdong and Zhejiang are the bases of traditional industries and manufacturing industries, but the future is the base of future manufacturing. This is to see how our generation of people can grasp the advantages and how to make good use of young people. This is a huge opportunity."

Ma Yun also said that the company's profits should come from technology and innovation, not scale. "Manufacturing and manufacturing enterprises based on large-scale and standardization will be greatly affected by the development of this new round of technology." "Only innovation can meet the future. Only technology can bring permanent stability." And lasting profits."

What is new manufacturing?

"In the past, the manufacturing industry was basically based on B2C (businesstocustomer). The company itself set standards and marketing market, and the future manufacturing industry must be C2B. According to the market, according to customers, it is large-scale, flexible, and customized. It is the real future," Ma said.

The new manufacturing technology collects data through the Internet of Things technology and intelligently processes the data through artificial intelligence algorithms, and realizes the industrial upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry by forming a highly flexible, personalized and networked production chain. The core logic is to collect data from sensors distributed at the nodes, transmit them through the communication network, analyze the data to obtain valuable information, and finally optimize the R&D, production, transportation, and sales of the manufacturing industry.

At the application scenario level, since the B-end enterprises have higher requirements on the practicality, immediacy, and security of the smart devices and systems, the acceptance of smart products and systems is usually high. C-side consumers are often more sensitive to price, and the acceptance of smart products requires a certain process. Therefore, from the perspective of terminal products, industrial robots and smart warehousing and logistics in the manufacturing supply chain will be an early intelligent application scenario.

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