How To Improve The Problem Of Insufficient Combustion Of Diesel Generator Sets

- Nov 07, 2018-

How to improve the problem of insufficient combustion of diesel generator sets

If the combustion of the diesel generator set is insufficient, it will easily cause air pollution. In serious cases, it will endanger the personal safety of the operator. There are some ways to improve the fuel to reduce pollution.

Fuel water

The fuel is mixed with water, such as intake pipe spray and emulsified diesel.

1. Intake pipe spray

The main function of the intake pipe spray is to absorb heat and dilute the fuel density. When a small amount of water enters the combustion chamber and is well atomized, the oil droplets are broken into smaller oil droplets due to the "microburst" effect of water vapor, thereby promoting the formation and combustion of the mixture. Due to the absorption of water during the combustion process The heat action can lower the maximum combustion temperature. For example, water-oil mixed injection can reduce the fuel density and further reduce the maximum combustion temperature, thus reducing NOx emissions. It should be noted that the winter storage tank of the diesel generator set needs to be anti-freezing, and it is required to automatically adjust the water spray amount according to the load.

2, emulsified diesel

In the diesel oil mixed with water, that is, emulsified diesel, due to its "emble explosion" effect, its fuel atomization is good, the well promotes the formation of strong turbulence in the combustion chamber, the fuel and air distribution is more uniform, the generated soot is reduced. The water gas reaction of water vapor also reduces soot emissions. In addition, the emulsified diesel fuel can lower the maximum combustion temperature, and thus the amount of NOx generated is reduced.

The above two methods are to promote the combustion of the fuel by adjusting the fuel. After the combustion is sufficient, the harmful gases emitted by the diesel generator set are naturally reduced, which is quite effective in reducing environmental pollution and ensuring the safety of the working environment.

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