How To Move Into New Manufacturing

- Nov 26, 2018-

How to move into new manufacturing

How should companies move into new manufacturing? In this regard, perhaps you can refer to Huawei's approach. If you choose one of the most globally competitive manufacturing companies, then Huawei is undoubtedly one of the best candidates. From the early stage of relying on the scale advantage and the later change of brand effect, Huawei is worth learning from all enterprises.

Huawei's initial development is to start from low-end customers and win by scale. As we gradually gain a foothold, it coincides with the great changes in Shenzhen. Many companies have played capital games, but Huawei is more focused on R&D technology. It is also an investment in research and development innovation.

Yu Chengdong said that Huawei's consumer-centric investment in innovation has enabled Huawei to maintain its leading position in the communications field. "Huawei invested more than 11 billion US dollars in research and development last year, ranking ninth among technology companies. Huawei's research and development in the past ten years is With $45 billion, we maintain an absolute lead in communications."

Second is customer-oriented. As Ren Zhengfei said: “Customers are our food and clothing parents. We must not regard customer relationships as a buying and selling relationship, nor can we despise our customers with low positions in order to sign contracts. This is both our principle of being a man and a market must be adhered to. The principle of “product design according to market demand and customer requirements is king. The service level of manufacturing industry is sometimes more important than product price or technology.

Once again, the introduction of automated production equipment to achieve leading production processes and quality control. Last year, Huawei glory unveiled its production line in the southern factory of Dongguan, including the ultra-precise MPM dual-track printing machine imported from the United States, the world's leading Camelotdispensing dispenser, the fully automated arm control machine test, and the fully automatic unmanned truck. And the streamlined device consisting of the leading six fully automated robots being developed. According to the person in charge of the factory, Huawei is currently developing the world's most advanced and unique automated line equipment.

Motor companies should also strengthen technology and research and development, based on market demand, through the use of advanced automated production equipment for technological transformation and upgrading, to improve the quality and level of motor enterprise development, into new manufacturing, enhance international competitiveness.

Finally, a quote from Ma Yun is shared with everyone: "A company is bigger and stronger because of his vision. If his eyes can only be a county business in a county, if he looks at the province, he can do the whole province. Business, if he looks at the world, he can do global business."

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