How To Promote The Development Of China's Energy-efficient Motor Industry?

- Nov 16, 2018-

How to promote the development of China's energy-efficient motor industry?

First, the government should introduce relevant standard policies to guide the healthy development of enterprises. The government should focus on researching and formulating standards for energy efficiency grading and testing methods for motor systems, covering all aspects of product design, manufacturing, promotion and application, including specification, matching, and testing of energy-efficient products, as well as inventory motor systems. Detailed requirements for operational monitoring, evaluation and energy efficiency retrofits. At the same time, the financial subsidy policy was abolished. By strengthening supervision and management, strengthening standard and regulation constraints and compulsory certification of efficient and energy-saving motor products, strict market access, and comprehensively improving the energy efficiency level of incremental motors, it forced the transformation and upgrading of motor production enterprises.

Secondly, the motor industry should promote capacity cooperation to avoid low-end vicious competition. In the implementation of the “going out” strategy and promoting international capacity cooperation, the motor industry has taken the lead in setting a leading position in power generation and transmission and transformation, and has achieved certain results. Therefore, all enterprises with certain conditions in the industry should actively expand the scope of international cooperation, expand market space, and raise the level of internationalization. The fundamental reason for getting rid of the disorderly competition of export motors is to avoid the vicious low-price competition of the market and take the road of high-end products and featured products. The domestic motor industry should fundamentally change the monotonous and backward structure of the products, aim at the high-end market, reposition and continue to innovate.

Finally, the motor industry should accelerate the comprehensive promotion of "smart manufacturing" in key industries. Faced with the continuous decline in product prices, rising labor costs, lower profits, and increased pressure on corporate survival, key industries with good implementation foundations should accelerate the promotion of “smart manufacturing” and increase support for smart manufacturing and pilot demonstration work. And the intensity of investment, support and support, and key breakthroughs. While doing a good job in the intelligent manufacturing system framework and the top-level design of the standard system, we will increase the demonstration efforts in key industries.

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