How To Rent The Generator To Achieve The Most Fuel-efficient Effect

- Oct 11, 2018-

Renting generators to achieve the most fuel-efficient effect is the goal that every generator rental user and manufacturer is constantly pursuing. The following generator group manufacturers teach you how to make generator rental more fuel efficient.

1. Increase the temperature of the generator rental cooling water:

The increase of the cooling water temperature can increase the temperature of the generator body, which not only promotes the complete combustion of the diesel oil, but also reduces the viscosity of the oil, thereby reducing the resistance of the movement and achieving the fuel-saving effect.

2. Purify before using the oil:

About 60% of generator failures come from the fuel supply system, so they must be disposed of before adding fuel to the generator set. The treatment method is as follows: the purchased diesel oil is left on the sediment for about 2-4 days, and the impurities can be precipitated by about 98%. If it is used now, two layers of silk cloth or toilet paper can be placed at the fuel tank filter screen. The purpose of processing the oil is to make the generator more fully fueled.

3. Within the rated power, do not overload:

When using the generator set, it is best to use it within the rated power. Do not overload it, otherwise it will save fuel. Overload operation not only affects the life of the generator set, but also greatly increases the fuel consumption. The general load rate is controlled at a reasonable level, and the load rate is between 50% and 80%.

4. Increase the diesel pulley and become the "big horse trolley":

Appropriately increase the diesel pulley, you can increase the speed of the pump when the generator is running at a reduced speed, so that the flow and head are increased, thus achieving energy saving.

5. Regular maintenance of generator rental:

Normal wear occurs when the engine is used for a long time. If the maintenance is not proper, abnormal wear will be formed, resulting in the longitudinal drawing of the cylinder liner of the diesel generator. The cylinder bore and the piston side clearance exceed the specified value, and the support force of the piston ring is correspondingly reduced. There is a phenomenon that the oil is not clean.

Secondly, due to the inner ring of the oil ring, the twisted spring is disconnected at the opening position of the oil ring, so that the scraping oil is not clean and participates in the combustion, causing serious oil consumption symptoms. The specific performance is that the diesel engine is difficult to start, and the exhaust pipe has obvious blue smoke. Out, the respirator has a serious fuel injection.

In addition, the piston should be on the upward side. When the assembly is reversed, the combustion chamber is inverted. Although it does not affect the starting of the diesel engine, the loss of the oil will be quite serious. The daily oil consumption is about 0.5 kg, so it is necessary. Regular maintenance of the generator rental.

6, to ensure that the machine does not leak oil:

Diesel generator oil pipelines often have loopholes due to uneven joint faces and deformed or damaged surfaces. The treatment method is to apply the valve paint on the glass plate to smooth the gasket and the positive oil pipe joint. A diesel recovery device is added, and the oil return pipe on the oil nozzle can be connected with the hollow core screw by a plastic pipe to make the return oil flow into the oil tank.

7. Maintain the best oil supply angle:

If the oil supply angle is offset, the oil supply time will be too late and the fuel consumption will increase greatly.

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