How To Run Stepper Motor And Achieve Speed Control Purposes

- Oct 24, 2017-

Any device device, through their own operation to play a function for the use, especially the stepper motor to help other equipment to play a function of the important device, but also need to have their own optimized operation, and as a motor device also Should be able to achieve speed. Then this kind of motor in the use of the time in the end is how to run and achieve speed control purposes?

To know how the stepper motor is running, it should be clear that this motor is an open-loop control motor that converts an electrical pulse signal into an angular displacement or a line displacement. It is the main executive element in a modern digital program control system. The essential. So the operation of such a motor, through the device to point pulse signal into angular displacement or line displacement of the open-loop control to achieve.

As for the realization of stepper motor speed, you need to be clear in the case of non-super, the motor speed, stop the location depends only on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, and will not be affected by load changes, When the drive receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepper motor to rotate a fixed angle in the set direction, and its rotation is run step by step at such a fixed angle. So stepper motor speed, you can control the pulse frequency to control.

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