Huadian Xinjiang's First Green Thermal Power Unit Was Officially Put Into Operation

- Oct 25, 2018-

Huadian Xinjiang's first green thermal power unit was officially put into operation

At 11:28 am on November 23, Unit 1 of Huadian Xinjiang Changji Thermal Power Plant passed the 168-hour continuous full-load test run, marking the smooth handover of Unit 1 of the plant.

The 2330MW cogeneration project of Changji Thermal Power Plant is the key power construction project of the 11th Five-Year Plan of the Autonomous Region and Huadian Group. It is the first circular economy project in Xinjiang Autonomous Region to integrate the advantages of air cooling, medium water, cogeneration and desulfurization. Synchronous construction with the main project, synchronous heating, the annual power generation capacity of the unit is about 3.3 billion kWh, and the annual heating area is 12.301 million square meters. Since the project started on March 26, 2010, the project has been focused on fine, innovative, national superiority and benchmarking, innovative project management, meticulous organization, precise planning and fine construction. At the beginning of the project, the goal of striving for the National Quality Project Silver Award and the first water island project adopted in the domestic power construction field to compete for the third prize of National Science and Technology Progress was clearly defined. In the process of construction, we will focus on two innovations, with the theme of technological innovation, optimized design, energy conservation and emission reduction, ensuring project safety and quality, rationally controlling project cost and progress, and focusing on improving the level of project construction, welcoming the cold and fighting against the heat. . The construction of Unit 1 took only 19 months and 27 days from the start of construction to the commissioning of the project. The unit took only 23 days from the start of the complete set to the completion of the 168-hour full-load test run. In the whole process, the steam engine buckle cylinder, electric reverse power transmission, boiler water pressure test, boiler ignition, complete set start, unit grid connection, and 168 hour trial operation were successfully completed. During the 168-hour full-load trial operation, the unit operated stably, the protection input rate and the automatic input rate all reached 100%, and the technical parameters were excellent.

After the first unit is put into operation, Changji Thermal Power Plant will continue to carry forward the fine work style of unity and cooperation, diligence and pragmatism, and tenacious struggle, and make persistent efforts to strengthen the post-production management of the unit to ensure safe and stable long-term operation of the unit, and ensure that the second unit will be put into operation in December. Double-investment and striving for the goal of creating a double country, creating greater economic and social benefits, and building the enterprise into a modern power generation enterprise with good equipment, excellent economic management, high technical level and strong profitability.

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