If You Buy 24v Dc Motor, You Need To Know The Three Braking Methods Of The DC Motor.

- Jun 10, 2019-

If you buy 24v dc motor, you need to know the three braking methods of the DC motor.

24V DC motor three braking methods

1. The electromagnetic brake is to lock the shaft of the 24V DC motor through the mechanical device. The electromagnetic brake is normally started after SV and OFF. Otherwise, the amplifier may be overloaded. The dynamic brake is normally started after SV, OFF or the main circuit is powered off. Otherwise, It may cause the dynamic braking resistor to overheat.

2. Regenerative braking means that the 24V DC motor feeds back the energy generated by the braking to the DC bus through the inverter loop when decelerating or stopping. The regenerative braking must be activated when the servo is working normally. In the case of failure, emergency stop, power failure, etc., the 24V DC motor cannot be braked, and the work is automatically performed by the system.

3. The dynamic brake is composed of dynamic braking resistor. When the fault, emergency stop and power supply are cut off, the mechanical feed distance of Boshan 24V DC motor is shortened by energy consumption braking. The dynamic brake does not need power supply when working, and needs external relay control. 


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