If You Buy Small Dc Motor, You Need To Know The Installation And Maintenance Of The Small Motor.

- Jun 14, 2019-

If you buy small dc motor, you need to know the installation and maintenance of the small motor.

Small motor installation requirements, different from gear reduction motors. Generally, in the instruction manual of the small motor, several items will be clearly defined:

1. Use environment: The use environment mainly considers temperature and drying problems.

2. Operation precautions: The operation is used within the rated current and voltage regulations, and it is regularly checked whether there is any foreign matter jam.

3. Operation rated time: According to the model of the small motor, set the running time. The small motor running for a long time may cause the motor to be damaged.

4. Capacitor installation method: It must be installed with the specified product manual and installed by professional motor personnel.

5, abnormal operation: When the motor is running abnormally, first find the cause of the abnormality as soon as possible, and take corresponding measures according to the reasons.

6, the operating life of the reducer: the operating life depends on whether the daily use of the standard, whether to regularly maintain the detection motor.

7. Precautions when matching other transmission components. : Not only pay attention to one component, but also the parts of the whole motor need to work together. The daily use and maintenance of each part is very important.


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