Improve The Efficiency And Reliability Of Motor Control Applications

- Nov 30, 2018-

Improve the efficiency and reliability of motor control applications

Demand for efficient electronic systems is becoming more demanding due to increasing demand for energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and meeting government regulations. Since the motor consumes the most power (40% to 50% of the total global energy consumption), it is important to have an efficient and reliable motor control solution.

The main design considerations and difficulties of the current motor control architecture include consideration of the operational efficiency and reliability of the motor, as well as noise and thermal performance, as well as how to reduce board space and ease of designing the entire system.

Fairchild Semiconductor was incorporated into ON Semiconductor in 2016, making ON Semiconductor's intelligent power module product line more complete. Fairchild Semiconductor, which has many years of experience in power semiconductor technology, has introduced the MotionSPM® intelligent power module, which combines its many years of expertise in power semiconductor technology, advanced packaging technology and application knowledge to develop motor control and industrial applications. Solutions for frequency converter applications. By integrating motor drive and protection circuitry into a single package, the SPM module simplifies and speeds up system design to help optimize efficiency. The SPM module provides a full-featured, high-performance three-phase inverter output stage and optimized gate drive technology to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and losses and provide in-module protection.

The high-voltage integrated circuit (HVIC) built into the MotionSPM® intelligent power module converts the resulting logic-level gate input into the high-voltage, high-current drive signal required to drive the module's internal MOSFET or insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). . Three independent source/emitter open pins are available for each phase to support the widest range of control algorithms.

The MotionSPM® portfolio's voltage range from 40V to 1200V and power from 20W to 7.5kW provide design scalability for further time-to-market and a wide range of package options to help designers reduce form factor. The integrated SPM module covers a wide range of motor drive applications, from small fan motors, pumps, power tools and appliances to high power air conditioning equipment and industrial drives. The SPM module also supports design tools, reference designs, and evaluation boards to simplify and shorten design cycles.

The SPM3 power module family in the MotionSPM® portfolio supports 600V and 1200V for a wide range of power applications up to 3kW. Independent emitter open pins are available for each phase and support the widest range of control algorithms. The SPM3 module supports packages with very low thermal resistance, including Al2O3DBC, ceramic substrates and FULLPAK.

The SPM3 power module has passed UL No. E209204 (UL1557) certification, with low-power NPTTrench IGBT (voltage-resistant 1200V device) and FS3IGBT (partially withstand voltage 600V) through built-in bootstrap diode and thermal detector (TSU) Achieve stronger, more complete protection, higher noise and surge resistance, and better reliability. DBC substrate 1.1°C/W (maximum) for better thermal performance, maximum rating The current value is expanded to 50A.

The FNB33060T in the SPM3 Power Module family is an advanced SPM®3 module that supports 600V-30A three-phase IGBT inverters with integral gate drivers and protection, low-power, rated short-circuit IGBTs, and Al2O3 ceramic substrates. Very low thermal resistance, built-in bootstrap diode and dedicated Vs pin simplify PCB layout, independent emitter open pin with low side IGBT for three-phase current sensing, single-phase grounded power supply, LVIC built-in temperature sensing It can be used to monitor temperature and has been optimized for 5kHz switching frequency with an insulation rating of 2500Vrms/min.

There are several other models with similar functions, mainly voltage and amperage, such as FNB34060T can support 600V-40A, FNB35060T supports 600V-50A, FSBB10CH120DF can support 1200V-10A, FSBB15CH120DF is 1200V-15A, FSBB20CH120DF Can support 1200V-20A, a variety of choices, to meet the different needs of users.

All devices in the SPM3 Power Module family are pin-compatible and include a wide range of products from 3A to 50A/600V and 10~20A/1200V. They have excellent thermal performance and low loss, making them ideal for high-power air conditioners (3HP). Typical applications such as ~7HP), compact industrial grade inverters, industrial pumps, industrial fan motors, servo drives, AC induction, brushless DC (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) motor types.

ON Semiconductor continues to expand the MotionSPM® portfolio and continually improve manufacturing processes, innovative topologies, and system expertise to help circuit design engineers develop solutions for any motor control application and offer the widest range of packages Variety, thermal performance optimized package, high power density and robust assembly, better durability, optimized conduction and switching losses, help increase reliability and reduce design time, is high voltage motor control Ideal for applications.

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