In The Face Of Electromagnetic Radiation, Don't Worry Too Much

- Sep 30, 2018-

When entering the elevator, it often encounters the problem that the mobile phone signal is not good. If the operator wants to cover the signal, it must build a communication base station in the community. Many citizens are worried about radiation, which will affect the health of the community and refuse the base station to enter the cell. Is this really the case? 

Yesterday, the person in charge of the Municipal Radio Management Office explained that human beings live in an electromagnetic environment, and the earth is originally a large magnetic field. In addition, the sun and stars emit electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, moderate electromagnetic radiation will not harm health. Such as mobile phones, walkie-talkies, indoor wireless phones, radio and television broadcast transmitters, microwave and satellite communication devices, radars, radio remotes and other radio equipment, as well as microwave ovens, high-frequency eye protection lamps, medical magnetic resonance Electromagnetic radiation exists in equipment, xenon arc welding machines, radio frequency electric heaters, high frequency heat sealing machines, AC high voltage transmission lines, transfer switches, televisions, generators, electric motors, computers, and the like.

Electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic pollution are two concepts. Electromagnetic radiation is ubiquitous and ubiquitous. Only when electromagnetic radiation exceeds a certain intensity (ie, safety and health standard limits) becomes electromagnetic pollution, which will have a negative effect on the human body. Therefore, moderate electromagnetic radiation does not harm human health. 

The radio management agencies of the city have very strict management of radio wave radiation. When setting up radio stations, they strictly control their technical parameters in accordance with national regulations to avoid excessive electromagnetic radiation.

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