Induction Motors Suppliers

- Nov 26, 2020-

Quality induction motor supplier, check and repair the reason why the motor does not turn after being connected to the power supply

1) Wiring error of control equipment;Induction engine

2) The setting value of over-current relay adjustment is too small;

3) The power is not switched on, such as fuse burn off, switch failure or bad contact, lead break, etc.;

4) There is a fault in the connection between the power supply and the motor;

5) The motor winding has faults, such as phase-to-phase short circuit, ground, wrong connection, open circuit, etc.;

6) The winding rotor asynchronous motor starts incorrectly or the starting resistance is too small;

7) The motor bearing is faulty and gets stuck;

8) Constant and rotor core rubbing (cleaning chamber) is equal to increasing too much load;

9) Motor load is too large or mechanical rotation part is stuck, etc.



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