Industrial Workers Turned Into Super Makers

- Nov 24, 2018-

Industrial workers turned into super makers

Qifeng is a lathe and senior technician of the mechanical and electrical equipment branch of China Coal Zhangjiakou Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. As the leader of the company's "CNC Machining Innovation Studio", he led the team to overcome a number of key technical problems that constrain the development of the enterprise, complete the trial production and processing tasks of a number of national-level technological innovation projects, and create more than 500 economic value for the enterprise. Ten thousand yuan.

As a representative of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he is also a representative of the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry workers. From a technical school student to a national model worker, from an apprentice to an inventor with four national patents, his growth is China. Industrial workers write a true portrayal of Chinese manufacturing and Chinese creation.

In order to fight for a trainer, "Take it"

In 1997, after graduating from the North Electromechanical Industrial School, Yu Feng entered the China Coal Zhang Coal Machinery Company and worked as a lathe and CNC lathe. He has been working with machine tools and gradually mastered the operational skills of various machine tools.

In 2004, the China Coal Group Skills Competition was held at China Coal Zhangmei Machinery Co., Ltd. Although Jifeng had a wealth of experience in the work of the car, but because he did not have a place for the mechanics in the tool shop of the electromechanical equipment branch, he was unable to participate in the lathe competition. The ability is useless.

Feng Feng was in his heart, sighed and determined to do something.

In 2005, at the first employee skill sports meeting of Zhangmei Machinery Company, he won the gold medal for the mechanics in the first place of theoretical knowledge and practical operation, and was promoted to a technician. In 2007, Yu Feng won the honorary title of “Hebei Province Technical Experts”, and was specially promoted to become a senior technician of the lathe, and represented the province in the final of the third “Revitalization Cup” Youth Vocational Skills Competition. At the same time, he focused on bringing people to the art and trained a number of technical backbones for the company.

Xiaochao Xiaoge is incorporated into the industry "teaching book"

In 2009, Qi Feng won the three-head worm CNC machining, which is difficult to complete in the industry. In 2011, he wrote "Simplified CNC Lathe Turning Multi-head Worm" in the "Metal Processing" magazine and was evaluated in 2012. It is the advanced operation method for the top ten employees in Hebei Province.

At the time of processing the steel sleeve of the parts, Haofeng designed a set of steel sleeve thread clamps, which adopts the friction limit method, so that one turning tool can process the outer diameter and the thread, easy to control the size, ensure the quality, and improve The efficiency is more than 6 times. On the CNC lathe CBK63, the products 1XJ05-1 and 1XJ06-1 are processed, and the Z-axis coordinates are used. The machining method of turning the same plane is repeated only in the X-axis direction, and the pressure of the hydraulic chuck is adjusted reasonably. The invention solves the problem that the thin disk (plate) parts are easy to be deformed, the precision is not good, and the machining cannot be processed on the numerical control hydraulic chuck, and the technical requirements of the parallelism, flatness and verticality of the parts are guaranteed, and the technology is rated as Excellent Technical Improvement Project of the Technicians Association in 2007.

In addition, Yufeng also completed the development of the steel steel sleeve thread clamp, the improvement of the thin friction plate processing technology, the CNC lathe turning multi-head worm machining process, the CNC lathe tapping internal thread tool and many other technological innovations.

Create more than 5 million yuan for the company

In 2012, the company supported and helped Qifeng to create a “CNC Processing Innovation Studio” to encourage technologically innovative talents to play a role in the innovation of various types of tooling molds such as coal mine ground transportation equipment and hydraulic support products.

As the leader of the innovation studio, Qi Feng led the team to actively improve all kinds of special tools needed, innovate a variety of processing methods, processing steps, high-quality and high-efficiency to achieve the CNC milling of forging molds, successfully completed the company The NC machining of more than 40 kinds of forging dies, such as planer blade body, convex end head, concave end head, beam, E-bolt, U-bolt, etc., has formed a new processing idea of combining numerical control skills and engineering technology.

In 2013, the innovative studio team completed 11 technological innovation and improvement projects, achieving economic benefits of more than 800,000 yuan. In November of that year, it was named as the first batch of grassroots innovation studio by China Coal Group, and was named as the coal industry skill by China Coal Industry Association. Master Studio.

It is reported that in recent years, they have created economic value of more than 5 million yuan for enterprises.

"As an industrial worker in the equipment manufacturing industry and an ordinary party member, in the future work, I will endure hardships and create first, and contribute to China's manufacturing and China's creation." Say.


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